Hebrew School Testimonials

"Chabad has instilled a wonderful sense of Judaism in my 3 children. From learning about the holidays, Shabbat prayers, mitzvot, and what it means to be a Jew, Shayna and Yisroel provide a warm, nurturing environment, and they truly care for each child as if they were their own. Best of all, they make Hebrew School really FUN, and my kids never complain about going which is quite different than most kids experiences with going to Hebrew School!"


- Bonnie Morrissey 


"The Chabad Center of Sudbury has been a wonderful learning environment for my young daughters. They look forward to going to Hebrew School and always come home excited to tell us what they learned. The additional offered activities (menorah lighting, matzah making, Shabbat dinners, etc.) are always enjoyable for the entire family and foster a sense of warmth amongst the Jewish community. I'm very pleased with the Jewish education provided by the Chabad center."


- Jen Okeefe


"Our 3 kids (ages 10, 9 and 6) started Chabad Hebrew school last fall after our recent move from another town. We were new to the Chabad family and the Sudbury community.With the biggest smiles and a warm welcome, the kids were greeted by the wonderful staff of Sudbury Hebrew School every Sunday of their school year. Each child was assigned to a group of their own age where they were able to meet many wonderful peers.

The learning environment was individualized to each child’s knowledge and comfort level of Hebrew and Jewish Holidays and every Sunday kids were bringing home beautiful projects that they had completed in weeks prior.  Their achievements were always acknowledged and recognized and they were really encouraged and stimulated to challenge themselves and learn more. As the new school year approaching, our kids cannot wait to return back to their fun Hebrew School in Sudbury.

-Charles & Vicky Mael



"Thanks to your work, dedication and belief, our children enjoy coming to Hebrew School every Sunday. They are excited about the hebrew lessons - especially about the recognition system modeled after the karate belt system; they are proud of their accomplishments and of their colored medallion assortment. They enjoy the projects, the stories - and the snack. We, in turn, enjoy the opportunities to join the Hebrew School celebrations and the Chabad activities; in particular, the special events that you organize for the Jewish holidays." 



"We found it very thoughtful that each kid made his/her individual presentation, each - different from others, and felt very special. Awarding certificates after counting the score from the jeopardy game gave everyone a happy feeling. And the refreshments at the end were delicious - big thanks to everyone who brought them."

-Olga and Gregory Lepsky.


"My son has attended Hebrew School at the Chabad Center of Sudbury for the last 2 years and we plan to continue his education at this school. It was a great learning experience for him and wonderful experience for the entire family. He learned Hebrew alphabet and prayers, the history and meaning of the holidays, and he also developed friendships with his classmates."