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The Chabad Center of Sudbury invites all children and their families to join us for a Tu B’Shevat Celebration that will include an interactive and exciting creation of a Goodness Tree and a celebration of the New Year for the Trees.

The Goodness Tree project will engage children with an exciting and interactive activity that will teach them about their physical and spiritual responsibility to the world around us. Every child will be given a wooden leaf which they will paint in their color of choice, and mark it with a symbol or word that represents how they plan to make the world a better place.

Following that, each child will roll their own seed bombs of clay, soil, and seeds, which they can take home and plant in their “Goodness Garden”. Finally, we place all the painted wooden leaves on a  will be held where everyone places their painted leaves on a large, wooden Tree of Giving, filling the tree’s branches with their personal resolutions of goodness and kindness to the world.

There will be lots of fruit and other tree themed refreshments for the children and their family members to enjoy.

The program is open to all children and their families and no affiliation or background is required.

The suggested donation is $7 per child or be an event sponsor for $54.

Monday Jan 21st 10:30am - 12:00pm at the Chabad Center of Sudbury, 100 Horse Pond Road. Sudbury, MA  

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Suggested Donation is $7 Per Child / $54 If you want to help sponsor the event.

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