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  • WelcomeWelcome to the Chabad Center of Sudbury! An open community that is dedicated to Jewish education, values and continuity!
  • The Inside Story of the Iron DomeJoin us virtually for a fascinating lecture by Israeli Rocket Scientist Ari Sacher on the inside story of the highly successful Iron Dome Missile Defense System
    Monday June 7th at 7pm
    Click here for more info or to RSVP
  • Shavuot Celebration 2021Join us for the annual Shavuot Celebration & Kiddush (Outdoors) on Monday May 17th RSVP or More Info
  • This Can Happen Adult Ed CourseFor thousands of years, the prophecies of a “messianic age” stretched the imaginations of even the most fervent believers.

    Not anymore.

    Instant media, mass social movements and a global pandemic have shown us how suddenly and radically the world can be rewired by the actions of a few.

    Why not for the good?

    Join us for a six week course that seeks to demystify the Jewish idea of a perfect world and discover a practical path for reaching it in our lifetime.
    Sample More Text
  • Covid-19 Community Response & Resources Community Help, Volunteer Opportunities, Assistance, Networking & More
  • CTeen SudburyProviding awesome and cool teen programs to local Jewish teens. Check out our upcoming Teen programs and events. Click here for more
  • Chabad Hebrew SchoolA meaningful and enjoyable Hebrew School experience! Click Here for more info
  • Torah & Tea Monthly Women's Group Click Here For More Info
  • 17 Facts About Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of LubavitchHonoring 12 Tammuz, birthday and anniversary of liberation of the sixth Rebbe. Read More
  • Never Too YoungLong before his bar mitzvah, the Previous Rebbe was already preoccupied with doing acts of... Read More
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