Praying Like a Mentch Series

InspirationJoin us for a new ongoing series that will make the Siddur and the Synagogue a more comfortable and meaningful place for you.

Learn the history, structure, background and inner meaning of the prayers and take some specific prayers and learn them in depth. We will also take a look at the authors of various prayers and how the Siddur has evolved through the ages.

This class is guaranteed fun learning and stimulation with the benefits of making the synagogue and prayer services a more enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Series Schedule
Classes will take place in the evenings of the dates mentioned below between 7:30pm and 9pm.

As we get closer to the course we will share a specific breakdown for each class contents. 

Tuesday Sep 11th               - Praying Like a Mentch High Holidays

Monday October 15th          - Praying Like a Mentch Introduction

Monday October 29th          - Praying Like a Mentch Part 1

Monday November 12th       -  Praying Like a Mentch Part 2

Monday December 3rd         - Praying Like a Mentch Part 3

Monday December 17th       - Praying Like a Mentch Part 4

Monday January 7th             - Praying Like a Mentch Part 5

Monday January 21st           -  Praying Like a Mentch Part 6 

For more info on this course please email [email protected] or call 978-443-0110