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The Chabad Center of Sudbury invites you to it's next program in our "Conversation" series as we meetup on Zoom with Sherri Mandell an award winning author and the bereaved mother of terror teen victim Koby Mandell.

In 1996 Sherri Mandell moved from Maryland to Israel along with her husband Seth. Five years later, the Mandell's oldest son, Koby who was just 14 years old, was brutally murdered near their hometown of Tekoa. Sherri poured out her grief in a series of notebook entries that became the National Jewish Book Award winner, The Blessing of a Broken Heart. Together with her husband, Sherri founded Camp Koby, and the Koby Mandell Foundation, which work to serve those bereaved of a loved one due to terrorism. 

In recent years Sherri authored another very well received book "The Road to Resilience: From Chaos to Celebration".

Sherri who writes and speaks internationally as well as all over Israel, will join us on Zoom on Monday June 1st for a conversation about her life, her challenges and the path to resilience. 

Sherri Mandell won a National Jewish Book Award in 2004 for her spiritual memoir, The Blessing of a Broken Heart (Toby Press, 2003). Translated into three languages, the book was adapted into a stage play. Her book, The Road to Resilience: From Chaos to Celebration (Toby Press, 2015) details the spiritual stages of resilience. She is also the author of Writers of the Holocaust (Facts on File, 1997) and has written for numerous magazines and journals including USA Today, The Times of Israel, Hadassah Magazine, and the Jerusalem Post. She received Moment Magazine's prize for best short fiction in 2009 and a Simon Rockower prize for the personal essay in 2011. She has written two children’s picture books, The Elephant in the Sukkah (Kar-Ben Copies, 2019), and The Upside Down Boy and the Israeli Prime Minister (Kar-Ben Copies, forthcoming in 2020). She won a PJ Library Incentive Award in 2018 and received the ADL Partners in Peace Award in 2004 as well as Jewish Women’s International Women to Watch Award. ​ She and her husband direct the Koby Mandell Foundation in Israel which runs healing groups and camps for bereaved families and children. She is also a certified pastoral counselor and runs support groups for bereaved women. She lectures around the world on grief and resilience. She also teaches creative writing in Jerusalem. 

Monday June 1st at 1pm EST

No charge but if you wish to make a donation to Chabad of Sudbury you may do so below.

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