A new five week course that will explore the history and unique developments of the last 200 years of Jewish history in Israel. Whether undeveloped under Ottoman rule or going through dramatic changes while under British rule or in today's modern day Israel which has become a start up nation, a unique, fascinating, challenging yet inspiring story has been unfolding on the ground.

Join us on this historic journey as we explore and discover aspects of Israel that will be new, exciting, meaningful and engaging. This course will leave you with a better understanding of the Israel of the past, present and future as well as an inspiring story of growth, determination, faith and more. 

In addition to this historic and specifics of each class, we will also explore a fascinating Midrash & Judaic Teaching  that will help us understand the spiritual context and deeper side of Israel in the past, present and future.  

The Course will be offered in person and via Zoom and all classes will be recorded.

Tuesday June 15th 7:30pm - 1700 - 1917 The story of the original Yishuv while under Ottoman Rule
  • The Jews who had lived in the Holy Land for centuries.
  • The new wave of pioneers and passionate Jews from around the world. 
  • The first new Cities & Moshavim
  • How did the Jewish Landscape & Communal Life change during this time and what were the challenges of the Yishuv
Wednesday June 23rd  7:30pm -  1917 - 1948 The evolving Yishuv under British Rule
  • Growth Pains
  • The relationship with the British
  • Economic & Health Challenges
  • The Irgun & The Haganah
  • Illegal Immigration
  • From the King David Hotel to the hills of Gush Etzion
  • Ben Gurion's Jerusalem Moment


Tuesday June 29th 7:30pm - 1948 - 1967 - A Jewish Nation
  • The Vote at the UN and what it means and doesn't mean.
  • The Narrow Borders
  • The dramatic intake and absorption of Jewish refugees
  • A Jewish renaissance
  • Responding to Terrorism
  • The Six Day War and the dramatic changes it brought.
Tuesday July 6th 7:30pm - 1967 - 2000
  • The growth, challenges and opportunities of an empowered and inspired Jewish Nation.
  • The new Yishuvim in Israel's Biblical Heartland
  • The 1973 Yom Kippur War
  • Raid on Entebbe
  • A one of a kind archeological history  
  • Internal Challenges & Shaping the Identity of the Sabra  
Tuesday July 13th 7:30pm 2000 - 2021
  • Start up Nation - the stories of Innovation that Israel has become known for.
  • Israel - Helping the World
  • 1982, 1991, 2006, 2009, 2014 & 2021 The Never Ending Challenge of Surviving as a Jewish Country
  • Israel in the court of world opinion
  • Israel & the Future 
  • What does it all mean to us and what can we do?

The Course will be held in person and via Zoom

Course Fee: $75

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