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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

An Encounter with History

Yemin Moshe.jpgThe Yemin Moshe neighborhood, is a breathtaking series of cobblestone streets and alleys on the side of a hill overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem that features beautiful small homes and terraces which are covered in all kinds of wonderful flowers, vines and plants. Along with the neighborhood next door, Mishkenot Shananim, this neighborhood was among the first ones built outside the walls of the Old City by Sir Moses Montefiore in the 1890’s when Jews were afraid to live outside the secure walls of the city.

Often when I am in Jerusalem for a Shabbat, I enjoy taking a walk there, to soak in the views of the hills of Jerusalem and the Old City from the serenity and quiet of this beautiful neighborhood.

On a recent trip, I noticed… Read More »

Hebrew School now enrolling for Sep 2019 / Join dozens of other happy families

 This past year was an amazing year of growth at Chabad Sudbury Hebrew School with dozens of students from the Sudbury area and beyond, and a year packed with excitement, learning and growth. We had lots of new families, join us this year and we have received wonderful feedback from them, including saying things like "nothing in the world would make us miss their year end celebration, after such an amazing year", or "our only regret is that we didn't start him earlier".

September 2019 is just around the corner, we invite all our current students to reenroll for another great year and if you don't yet have a Hebrew School for your child, please consider signing up your child in this great and amazing… Read More »

Bar Mitzvah at a Golden Age!

Hand.jpgAn elderly man was one of several new faces to join us at our Shabbat program at the Wingate today.

As we began to sing some of the songs, he sang along beautifully with a graceful and melodic voice and seem to appreciate the songs in a different way than usual. I asked him his background and it turns out that he was a singer for his entire life, singing at all kinds of venues, weddings and Bar Mitzvah's.


As we reminisced about his life and where he grew up, he mentioned that he himself had never had a Bar Mitzvah as his parents were too poor to make one. The irony struck me, here was a man who had spent his whole life bringing joy to others through his songs and music, yet never got to celebrate his own personal Bar Mitzvah.

I… Read More »

Hebrew School Year End Celebration

20190602_101436.jpgThis past Sunday, dozens of students and their family members joined together for an exciting year end celebration and award ceremony. The students shared some presentations connected with topics that they had learned this year including art projects, narrating about Jewish heroes and lessons learned and other creative descriptions of the topics they had covered in the various grades.

A special thank you was given to all of the dedicated helpers, volunteers and teachers for all of their hard work and for their part in helping make Hebrew School so much fun.  

20190602_103923.jpgWe gave a big thank you and Mazal Tov to Hebrew School teacher, Chavi Fireman, who has been with us for the last three years and is getting married and moving to New… Read More »

Huge crowd joins "Behind Enemy Lines" event with Marthe Cohn

20190529_192236.jpgThank you to the huge crowd who joined us this past Wednesday evening to hear Marthe Cohn share her incredible inspiring story of survival in the Holocaust and how she became a spy for the Allies against the Nazis.

Marthe who is now 99 years old, captivated us for an hour and a half with her smile and positive attitude as she retold her story of survival and tribulations, of brave French Citizens who risked their lives to save countless Jews, and what motivated her to put her life at risk even after she herself had been saved.

To see the full room of young people, adults and so many others come out to be a part of the evening was truly inspirational.

Marthe described the efforts of her sister and herself to save hundreds of people and… Read More »

The Power of our Words

parenting.jpgYesterday, I was visiting someone and they complimented me on something that I had been working on and on the apparent progress I had made. Little did they know that the last few days had been a little challenging in this specific area and I was feeling a little challenged. Yet knowing that they had no idea, and they had said the compliment in a very genuine way, encouraged me in a very profound way to make more progress and to keep going.

As I walked away, it reminded me of the power of our words, and how the compliments and positive words that we share with each other, can have such a profound and encouraging impact. All too often we don't realize just how much influence our words have, and may not bother utilizing this wonderful… Read More »

Reflections on the Tragedy in Poway

Reflections Tragedy in Poway AP.jpgThis past Saturday, on the last day of Passover as we prepared to recite the Yizkor Memorial Prayer at the Chabad Center of Sudbury, I read and spoke about the meaning of the words of Isaiah which are traditionally read on that day. In that reading, Isaiah talks of our hopes and aspirations for the future of the world where all of mankind will work with together for a common greater good that has been envisioned for this world by G-d, when of course there will be no more fighting and bigotry.

Meanwhile thousands of miles away in California, my colleague Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein was preparing to read the same verses with the same message at the Chabad Center of Poway. But the deadly gunfire that was directed at him and his congregants in… Read More »

Passover Recap & Update for Final Days

What a joyous and meaningful Passover it has been so far!

Thank you to the dozens of guests who graced at our Seder Tables and thank you to the dozens who have been coming over the course of Passover to our daily services. Chabad of Sudbury was also able to put on several Passover programs at local senior homes like the Wingate & Orchard Hill to bring the joy of Passover to the residents.

On a personal note, having my parents and two of my siblings and their families to celebrate Passover with has made it extra enjoyable and meaningful on many levels.

We will conclude Passover with the final two days of the Holiday beginning this evening and continuing tomorrow and Saturday with services from 10am - 12pm and with the Yizkor Memorial… Read More »

A Passover Prayer in the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-17 at 9.25.50 PM.jpegThis picture is a handwritten prayer that was composed by spiritual leaders in the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp for people to say before the ate Leavened Food on Passover due to the difficult and dangerous living conditions. 

It was written down in multiple copies by Elchanan Emanuel HY"D who after doing back breaking slave labor for twelve hours, toiled and worked hard to make multiple papers with this prayer for people to use on the night of Passover in the Concentration Camp. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the Concentration Camp inmates could not eat Matzah and had to eat leavened food to survive but were very torn at not being able to do Passover in the… Read More »

A Blossoming Peach Tree

Peach Flower.jpgEvery so often I end up in my wife's hometown of Los Angeles where even in midwinter the plants are blooming and the flowers are blossoming. When I see that, especially when I know that it is still winter back east and the branches are bare and the ground is frozen, it is both enjoyable and refreshing.

At the same time, it always make me think, that there is something uniquely invigorating about Spring that is only appreciated in the wake of a Winter. When the first flowers break out the still cold ground and the blossoms appear on the barren trees which appeared to have been dead for the last few months, there is an incredible life that is beginning to burst forth that is inspiring and uplifting.

The truth is, that the Winter is not… Read More »

Photos & Report of amazing event with former Refusenik Yosef Mendelevich

 It is not every day that you meet someone who stared down a Death Sentence, spent 11 years in the Gulag and kept up his Jewish pride and positive attitude throughout. Thank you Rav Yosef Mendelevich for an incredibly inspiring evening last night and for all your perseverance on behalf of Soviet Jewry and world Jewry in all the years since then.

Another beautiful dimension of last night, was that besides the speaker, we had multiple Jewish Americans who had been very active on behalf of Soviet Jewry back in the 70's at the same time that his trial was going on, and we also Jewish people who were originally from Russia who shared their memories of this incident and the impact that it had on them. One lady told of the tension in… Read More »

"Demo for Dads" Event at Chabad Hebrew School

54435061_2099548483454050_2878863153410605056_o_2099548476787384.jpgThis past Sunday we had a wonderful "Demo for Dads" event which was an amazingly engaging event for the students and their parents. At the "Demo for Dads" program, we enjoyed wonderful presentations from so many dads about what they do or a hobby they have, and what we can all learn from this in life. It was a very entertaining program as well as very interactive and the kids all had a great time!

Of course before that we had our regular learning and fun Hebrew School program.

Thank you to all the students, dads and grandparents who were able to join us for this and for putting in all the time in preparing the presentations.

You can see lots more pictures of this wonderful event over… Read More »

What a Purim! Photos & Report

 Hundreds of people attended some of the multiple exciting Purim programs and celebrations at the Chabad Center of Sudbury over the last few days. Just this week lots of ladies had a great night out on Sunday at the Hamantaschen Bake, dozens of adults enjoyed the Mentalist Show & Adult Purim Party and a huge crowd enjoyed the Purim in Hawaii Celebration last night.

In addition the Hebrew School students had lots of fun getting ready for Hebrew School this week and thanks to the extra help we had over the Holiday from some visiting Yeshiva students, many individuals and seniors had visits and four local Correctional Facilities had great Purim Programs arranged through the Aleph Organization.

You can see the pictures of… Read More »

How Do We Define Ourselves?

Profession.pngIn our society, when we are introduced to new people, the conversation usually goes like this, “What is your name?” and then followed by “What do you do?”

Usually the response is something similar.

My name is …. And I am an Electrician, a Stock Broker, a Realtor, a Developer or an Attorney….

Great… now we have a name and a definition of what the person is about.

However this may be true to a degree, yet at the same time, is this the end all?

Perhaps we need to ask ourselves, how are we viewing and defining people and perhaps to the same degree, how do we view and define ourselves?

Does our profession define who we truly are, both in the way we view ourselves and in the way others view us?… Read More »

Loneliness & Community

According to a 2018 large-scale survey from a major health care provider, a huge chunk of Americans suffer from strong feelings of loneliness and a lack of significance in their relationships. Almost half say they sometimes or always feel alone or “left out”, and 13% of Americans say that zero people know them well. The survey points out that loneliness seems to be getting worse in each successive generation even though we live in a world that is more interconnected than ever before.

Judaism has always placed a huge emphasis on building community and building institutions that will cultivate community. Yet in the end of the day, buildings alone to do not create community, instead they can merely facilitate and stimulate… Read More »

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