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Putting G-d on Hold

Imagine the scene, Abraham is chatting with none other than G-d, who had come to visit him as he recovers from his circumcision at the ripe old age of 99, and suddenly he tells G-d "Hold on, I will be right back".

What on earth would make Abraham put G-d on hold?

Indeed this is how the portion of the week begins, as Abraham is enjoying his Divine guest, when he suddenly notices three "men" coming through the desert, and he runs to attend to them.

Abraham interrupted his visit with G-d, not to check his Whatsapp, or Facebook messages, but rather it was to welcome guests and travelers into his tent, so that he could look after them and attend to their needs.

The Talmud learns from this story, that looking after… Read More »

Does he deserve to lead Israel?

Untitled design (1).jpgAfter a long time on the sidelines and when he is well into his mid seventies, he has been dramatically put in a position of leadership this week. Once almost killed in battle when fighting to save his blood brothers, and almost clobbered by the judiciary for questionable crimes, he has made a tremendous leap forward as he has now been placed in a prime position to shape the course of Israel's future.

The past hasn't been easy, and the future will almost certainly bring its own challenges. There are many naysayers and those who are disappointed with his arrival on the stage, and he will have to prove himself if he wants to be able to influence the wider society and build bridges with the world.

His relationship with the Egyptians… Read More »

Why did the Bus Driver Cross the Road?

In a world where the news most days brings us the latest hate coming out of the mouth of Kanye West, or the ongoing tragedy of the senseless war in Ukraine, or of course the buyout of Twitter, news about simple acts of kindness don't always make the news.

Yet this week, a tiny moment of kindness and human empathy was noticed by someone where it happened in Israel, and it was quickly shared. 

The protagonist of the story is Moshe Biton, a bus driver for the 65 Egged bus line, which travels from Pisat Ze’ev to Givat Shaul in Jerusalem.

A Facebook user, Ravit Shalom, wrote the moving story on Facebook: “This morning, on bus 65, an elderly blind woman got on the bus and tearfully told the driver that the day before… Read More »


Hands.jpgRosh Hashanah just finished and we are still processing what a beautiful and inspiring holiday it was.


moving Tashlich & Shofar at the Grist Mill, to the more intimate crowd of the second day services and all of the extra Shofar Blowing visits to the homebound and to local nursing homes, all of it has left us aching, but so grateful to be able to be a part of this wonderful community.


Over Rosh Hashanah, we also had so many profound conversations where deep sentiments were shared, tears were shed or where an inner happiness shone through. I have been left with lots of food for thought, inspiration and joy and lots of follow up work to continue doing.


Each Shofar Blowing is unique, whether it is at Chabad in… Read More »

Listening to London


Usually when I drive alone, I listen to classes, make calls (from my hands free device) or spend time thinking and planning. One day this week, I turned on NPR as they were playing some live reporting from the BBC as the Queen's Coffin was being escorted down the road from Horse Guards Parade, down Whitehall, to the House of Parliament and Westminster.

Every minute a cannon sounded and in the background one could hear the marching bands and the sounds of the many thousands of people lining the streets to honor the Queen. The reporter was describing every move that was happening and every foot that the carriage moved forward and what it passed. He even described a lone leaf falling from a nearby… Read More »

The Queen


Growing up in the UK, the Queen and the Royal Family were a part of the culture that we grew up in. We heard about their happenings, spoke about their etiquette and manners and heard when someone got engaged or something dramatic happened.

Yet perhaps more than anything else, the Queen represented a woman of values and morals, whose dignified poise and leadership, along with her dedication and commitment to her people, brought her respect from the British people and indeed so many around the world.

Once as a young boy, my mother took my siblings and myself on a trip to the Royal Tournament, which was a huge military show that included marching bands, military stunts, and lots more things that a young boy like myself loved. Every… Read More »

Children, Transitions & Growth


On Tuesday, our daughter Chana flew to Israel, where she will be spending a year studying at the Beit Chana Institute in Tsfat, 2,953 feet above sea level.

It was an emotional send off and the final hugs and tears at Logan Airport took more than a few minutes. Yet together with the tears, we sent her off with joy and happiness and proud of the journey that she is undertaking as she spreads her wings and flies forward.

A day earlier, I had gone to New York to drop off my son Levi at his new Yeshiva in Nyack, NY, and from Logan, I headed back to New York, this time to Westchester, to drop off my son Zalman in his Yeshiva.

Wednesday morning, we were up bright and early as Mendel started out in his new school in… Read More »

Maple Syrup, Cows & Gratitude


This week our family spent a couple of days in Upstate New York and while we were there we visited a Maple Farm that was next door to where we were staying and a dairy farm. These places were not official tourist sites but when we knocked on their doors, they were more than happy to show us around and give us some of their time.

Learning how one farmer harvests 1400 maple trees and the tremendous amount of work that is put into making sure the bottle of maple syrup on our table tastes good, gave us lots of sweet food for thought.

The hour and a half that we spent with Frank Albano at his Albano Dairy farm was no less fascinating. He showed us around the cowsheds, we saw all the newborn calves, watched the… Read More »

Communicating our Values


We all have values that are dear and important to us whether it be "family", "being compassionate", "getting a good education" and a whole range of other ideas. As Jews, the value system that we aspire to live by, also includes the performance of Mitzvos, an emphasis on altruistic behavior, spending time studying some of Judaism's Torah teachings, uplifting and improving the world to reflect its Divine intent and many other values.
In addition to the values themselves, we usually make an effort to share these with our children, with the goal being that they too will appreciate and seek to live by these important values.
The commandment to educate your child is actually found in this… Read More »

The Ingredients of our Journey


It was 4am and the gunfire was intense as the thud of explosions shook our building. No it was not Beirut in the 1980's, it was my apartment building in Caracas in 1999.

The policeman who lived one floor below us was the target, but my bedroom window was directly on top of his, and we were in the line of fire.

We huddled on the floor and waited for it to end.... and then three nights later they came back for round two.

Like many of you, I have spent time in different cities and countries around the world as part of my studies, work in the Jewish Community or time with family. These have included plenty places in Central and South America, England, Israel, Canada and more.

Thank G-d in most of these places, I dealt… Read More »

A few lessons from Biking


About two months ago, my daughter asked me to remove the training wheels from her bike and teach her to ride without them. The big day finally arrived, and we unscrewed the training wheels and were ready to go.

For the first attempt, I held her front bars and tried to leave go for a few seconds at a time as I ran along with her, and she tried balancing and going forward at the same time. A few minutes later, we were ready for the next step as I got her into position and stood right behind her, and held my hands hovering either side of her, in case she were to lose her balance, and then I gave her a sendoff to start riding.

She was pretty determined and sure enough within about ten minutes she was going up and down our street all… Read More »

The Power of a Smile


I recently had my annual physical with my Doctor and thank G-d all is well. As we finished the physical part of the checkup, we then spent about fifteen minutes chatting about life, our children, their interests, his visits back to his hometown in Pakistan where he is going for the first time in over three years this summer, what village life was like for him when he grew up, his elderly mother, faith, and so many more topics.

As we said good bye and I wished him well on his trip, he said to me, “This morning, when I saw your name on the appointment list I was so glad, as I always love chatting with you about life and look forward to our meetings. Please keep me in mind in your prayers”.

I walked out of the… Read More »

Camp Report & Photos Week #2


Camp Gan Israel has had another amazing week so far with the dozens of campers who are enjoying the camp.

The campers enjoyed activities like swimming, hikes, a trip and scavenger hunt at Wholefoods, Blueberry picking and a trip to Wardsberry Farm, lots of Sports, Arts and crafts and so much more.

Visit our Camp Gan Israel Sudbury Facebook page for a lot more photos!

Camp Gan Israel Photos of Week #1


Camp Gan Israel has gotten off to an amazing start and a truly fun filled week of activities.

The campers enjoyed a visit to Canobie Lake, Hiking up Tipling Rock, Bowling, Horse & Pony Rides, Fun with Outdoor water activities, Sushi Making, Challah Making, Swimming, Sports, Arts & Craft and lots more.

We are so grateful to our amazing counselors and teen helpers who are helping the campers enjoy such an amazing week.

You can see some more pictures over here.

Visit our Camp Gan Israel Sudbury Facebook page for a lot more photos!

Spreading Wings & Flying Forward

On Sunday night we sat in the audience and watched our daughter Chana deliver a beautiful short speech at her High School Graduation in Brooklyn. Seated with dozens of her classmates, all beaming with pride and enjoying this tremendous milestone, we couldn't help but be so happy and grateful for this moment.

Seeing dozens of eighteen year old students successfully graduate as kind, moral and good people, isn't something small. Each one of them has had a journey of their own, and have certainly had their own share of bumps, humps and obstacles along the way. Yet they grew, became stronger and formed lifetime friendships with one another, that will continue to be a part of their journey forward for years to come.

Yes of course, we… Read More »

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