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A View From My Three Year Old World

20200412_212927 (1).jpgIt has been a few months since I have stopped going to school and I stopped having to wake up early and get into a car first thing in the morning. This is because of something called "Coronavirus" which we don’t want to catch or share with others.

We have Zoom school every day for 30 minutes just like my big brothers and sister and I pray and talk to my friends and listen to my Morah teach us and tell us stories. I have learned how to unmute myself and to mute myself too and I have learned all about Zoom….

I often want to go to a park and just play on the slides and swings, but my parents tell me we can’t because of the Coronavirus, that makes me sad every time I ask and we can’t go.

We often go for… Read More »

Am I "Matter" or do I "Matter"?

Canva - you matter.jpgWhat do you need to do or accomplish in life in order to matter?

Or put in other words am I matter or do I matter?

Do I simply exist as an organism on this planet and I am just a piece of matter that can also move around and have fun, or do I actually matter in the cosmic plan of creation?

Often in today's society you are quickly measured and evaluated by what you accomplish, your career, your fame, wealth, knowledge, how you dress and so much more. All too often the first questions people are asked are what is your name and what do you do and that is how they are quickly assigned to a category of society and labels.

Yet does that perspective actually touch on why you actually matter?

Most often, not necessarily.

In Chassidic… Read More »

Growing from Life's Lessons and Experiences

“Ah, I get it”!

These were the words that a young student in one of my Zoom Hebrew School classes shared a couple of weeks ago, as we had a class on the meaning of life and what is our purpose in the world. As I heard him say those words and saw a light go on in his mind and the meaningful and content look on his face, I too was so happy and grateful that the message of the class had resonated so deeply with this one student.

As I reflected on the moment, I thought that just for these words “ah, I get it”, it was worth preparing and teaching the whole class. I was even more gratified to hear that for the year end presentation for Hebrew School this student has decided to present on this very topic. While this… Read More »

Reclaiming the Rhythm of Life

20200505_141030.jpgThe other day I had to go into Boston to get some things from the Jewish Day School where I teach and my kids learn, and two of my sons excitedly joined me for the trip. The thrill of this exhilarating road trip was palpable as we drove on the highway for the first time in months and the grinding trip which we normally did in gridlock traffic every single school day, suddenly became the most cool and fun trip. The kids marveled at the empty highways, the construction sites which had changed dramatically over the last few months, and at the city of Boston which seemed almost deserted and sleepy.

As we drove down the Masspike and chatted together it got me thinking about something that has been on my mind for the last few months, and that… Read More »

How a Kidney Recipient saved 800+ Lives

Canva - F021_3720.jpgWhile waiting for a Kidney Transplant in the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem in 2007, Avraham Yeshayahu Heber a teacher and principal in a Yeshiva in Israel got to know and befriend several other patients who were on dialysis. One of these people suffering and desperately awaiting a Kidney Transplant to save their lives was a young 19 year old named Pinchas Turgeman, who had already received a kidney as a child, and had lost a brother in a terrorist attack. Avraham Heber and Pinchas became very close as they both endured their suffering, treatments and wait and hopes for a transplant. Heber ended up being the lucky recipient of a Kidney Donor and quickly recovered but unfortunately just weeks before a scheduled Kidney transplant… Read More »

On being Positive & COVID-19

Canva - Person's Hand On A Covid19 Sign.jpgLonely, anxious, worried, agitated and fearful, are just some of the many descriptions I am hearing regarding how the loneliness and quarantining has been making people feel. There are many real concerns about health, about loss of income, about not being able to be together with loved ones, and not having the ability to get together with friends and community which are all combining to have a negative effect on people’s feelings and emotions.

There is no doubt about it, the COVid-19 Pandemic and the shutdown have many other unintended consequences on so many levels. Yet perhaps foremost for so many, is the emotional toll it is taking on the wellbeing of people of all ages. This is true of seniors, empty nesters, middle aged people… Read More »

"Don't lose sight of the Forest for the Trees"

IMG_3116.JPG"Don't lose sight of the Forest for the Trees" is an age old saying which means that sometimes we get so caught up in the details of life (the trees), that we forget to see the bigger picture (the forest).

I was thinking of this quote as I stood on the top of Tipling Rock yesterday with my five children after a beautiful hike up to the top. We surveyed the beautiful view of tens of thousands of trees, three skyscrapers in Boston and miles and miles of greenery in which it appeared no one seemed to live, as the treetops obscured the sight of any houses and people that may be living in the area.

Suddenly, one of my children yells to me from the top of the rock, "Tatty, look there, I can see the Chabad House". First I… Read More »


mika-zt5SZc8YOZU-unsplash.jpgToday the sirens went off in Israel as millions of Israelis remembered the Six Million victims of the Shoah (on the anniversary of the conclusion of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising). My Facebook feed is full of pictures and memories of families remembering their loved ones who were murdered or survived the Holocaust and it makes me think about all the special Holocaust survivors that I am blessed to have had or have a relationship with. Each Holocaust survivor is a spiritual giant and hero, as they literally climbed out of the ashes to build a new world, to build new families and to carrying on living and carrying forward the Jewish values and beliefs of generations before them.

I remember Irving from my old Synagogue in Yonkers, who had grown… Read More »

Coronavirus Community Response from the Chabad Center of Sudbury

We hope you are all doing well and handling all of the changes okay. In this email we would like to provide a short update to our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and also to provide some updates as to what is happening at Chabad or through Chabad during these times.

Bright Notes

Since this challenge has started we have shifted our classes and events to an online virtual format. So far we have had three sessions with dozens of our Hebrew School Parents, multiple Classes which have been well attended, lots of individual meetings and learning via Zoom, and Pre Shabbat Kabbalat Shabbat Meetup & Prayer Services. 

Community Help & Response

As a community we must be both responsible and ensure Social Distancing to protect… Read More »

Congratulations Mikhal Shvartzman 1st Place Winner in the JEWQ Competition

JEWQ Champion.pngCongratulations to Mikhal Shvartzman, a student in our Hebrew School on such an amazing accomplishment and for winning 1st place in this amazing competition with Hebrew Schools from across the country and beyond! All your hard work and study in your free time was an inspiration to all of us!

Congratulations to all of our other finalists, Harry Barnett, Anna Dayn, Ethan Sonnenberg & Leah Klebanov for all of their hard work and tremendous accomplishments in their free time.

Finally Congratulations to all of the other students in Hebrew School who worked hard and learned so much new knowledge about Judaism in their own time after Hebrew School! You are all winners and an inspiration to all of… Read More »


Canva - F018_7356.jpgI have friends in the ICU on ventilators, I have friends who have parents in the ICU and know many dozens of people with the virus. Perhaps it is because we are so connected to the community in NY or perhaps because we live in a very big global community, the news this week has been challenging

With the amount of info out there regarding the Coronavirus and the multiple updates each day of more and more cases of people that we know who have been confirmed to have the Coronavirus, it can be challenging to create and maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere in one's home and environment. The constant news, numbers and ongoing dramatic changes can all have their impact and toll.

This week as the news only got more difficult as multiple… Read More »

Morality, subjective or objective?

Morality.jpgMorality through the ages often seems to shift, with ideas and behaviors fluctuating between being considered the norm or being considered immoral. One needn't travel to far back in time to discover social behaviors which were acceptable and commonplace, which are now considered totally unacceptable and immoral. Thousands of years ago, child sacrifice, gladiator fights, and the like, were all a normal part of life in many cultures. Care and compassion on a society level were not the norm in most cultures.

Yet slowly overtime humanity has steadily evolved and become better, more caring, and given greater value and importance to so many areas of improving human behavior.

It might seem that morality is subjective based on the time frame of… Read More »

2000 Year Old Date Palms Come to Life in Israel

Canva - Plantation of date palms.jpgThe seeds were sitting in archaeological ruins in Masada & Qumran for close to 2,000 years, buried in rubble, broken shards of pottery or just covered with desert sand. Long since forgotten about, with dozens of generations coming and going, the seeds of these date Palms, a fruit that is one of the seven fruits that Israel is blessed with in the Torah, were just organic matter which hadn’t yet decomposed.

Then Dr. Sarah Sallon came along and did an experiment and managed to take one of these Date Palm seeds in 2005 and germinate it and help it grow into a tree, and they named it Methushelach. Since then Dr. Sallon and her team have managed to get several more Date Palms to grow from these 2,000 year old seeds, and now the first… Read More »

Traveling Safely

Canva - Time Lapse Cars on Fast Motion.jpgIn the last two weeks, I have traveled to New York State no less than three times for various reasons and I have driven many hundreds of miles each time. I also drove locally this week during the bad weather and while I only flew off the rode once and landed in a snow bank after the car lost control on ice, and made it back safely home a short while later, it made me think of how grateful we should all be for all the travel that we do safely each and every day of the year.

Travel and journeys are not just what we do in cars, for life itself is one long journey, with lots of metaphorical turns, bends, ice, rain, snow, red lights, crashes, and more along the way. Each and every day of our lives, our job is to reach the day's destination and… Read More »

Reflections from a weekend at the International Chabad Conference of Shluchim

Saturday 2pm

Canva - Person Washing Hands on the Street.jpgI met Gadi from Foshan, a city in China, and he tells me with a smile that he has just opened a Jewish Day School K-12 in his city. I am blown away as it seems like he has only been there for under two years. I then asked him, "how many students do you have?” to which he respond just eight. He then tells me that in his city there are only thirteen Jewish families and about 100 singles from around the world who do business there.

We chatted for a while and I learned about a city that I never knew existed and hear about challenges of another kind. And here I was thinking that Sudbury is a small community.

Friday 10am

I met my friend from Paraguay who I hadn’t seen in a few years. I heard all about Jewish… Read More »

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