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"Stuck" at Costco


This morning, I was busy dragging two full shopping carts overflowing with goods through the busy aisles of Costco and trying to move quickly so that I could get back to Sudbury as soon as possible on this busy Friday. There was a long line at the checkout that stretched back to the back of the store, but thankfully it moved at a good pace and soon after that I was finally at the checkout.

The cashier was busy checking me out and we had just about rung up the contents of one shopping cart, when suddenly the fire alarm went off. In seconds, the workers were ushering everyone out of the store, and crowds of shoppers were streaming out the front door. As much as I wanted to simply just checkout I realized that I would have to abandon… Read More »

Overcoming Fears & Grasshoppers

Today I am celebrating my Hebrew birthday, although my legal birthday is later this month, which means it also marks thirty years since my Bar Mitzvah. A lot has changed since then in my life, including the fact that I am older, and thank G-d, married, have a beautiful family and I am a part of a lovely community, but one other thing that changed is my fear of public speaking.

In the weeks that preceded my Bar Mitzvah, I was terrified at the thought of having to stand up on the Bimah in my large synagogue to read the Haftorah. At night I could not sleep as I had stomach pains from worry, and I even had to go and see a doctor who helped me deal with the pains which were a result of my stress. On the morning of my Haftorah, I gradually… Read More »

Response to Antisemitic Incident in Town

Dear Friends,

As you may have now heard, a Swastika was carved onto a chair at the Lincoln Sudbury High School last Friday.

Since yesterday I have heard from multiple concerned parents about this incident and how it unnerved their children who are students at the school.

I have also heard firsthand from students and parents about the uptick in antisemitism that students are hearing online on social media platforms and elsewhere. The uptick is also connected to the fighting in Israel & Gaza and the way this is being discussed and reported, which is often the precursor for the antisemitic posts and comments.

The school put out a statement condemning the incident and are investigating the… Read More »

Antisemitism, how do we respond?


In recent weeks as the conflict in Israel escalated there has been a huge surge in antisemitism in the US and many other places. In any year according to FBI statistics, Jews are more likely to experience a race crime than anyone else, yet the uptick in the last few days and the lines that have been crossed are cause for deep concern among the Jewish community.

In recent days a digital journalist who worked for the BBC tweeted things like "Hitler Was Right", a contributing journalist to CNN claimed that it was time for the world to have a new Hitler and the Hashtag #Hitlerwasright was used over 17,000 times in one week. This terrible bias, in addition to the tremendous issues of how the media choose to report and… Read More »

Israel under Attack

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-13 at 8.44.20 PM.jpegOnce again Israel is under attack on many fronts as hundreds of missiles are launched each day at Israeli cities and towns by terrorists from Gaza (and today from Lebanon and Syria too), while internally, intense riots, destruction and assaults and lynches have taken place. To top it all off, so many in the media either misunderstand the situation or deliberately adjust the facts and reality and come down hard and negatively on Israel.

I have been in touch with many relatives and friends in Israel this week and have had;

  • A first cousin who is a medic who was attacked with boulders and rocks while driving a Magen David Adom ambulance in the Israeli city of Lod near Ben Gurion airport.
  • Cousins who had to temporarily move out of… Read More »

We Mourn the Passing of Elliot Winer


Read More »
With great sadness we inform you of the passing of

Cultivating Seeds


One of the fun activities that I love doing with my children is planting a vegetable garden. Currently our kitchen looks like a giant greenhouse as trays and trays of seedlings of all kinds of vegetables are taking root and beginning to sprout. Corn, squash, tomatoes, peppers and much more are sprouting all over the kitchen counters.

It is a fascinating process to watch unfold as a tiny dry seed is placed in soil, watered daily, given sun light and then a few days later a little seedling comes out the earth. In just a few days we will plant them in the ground and then G-d willing over the next few months, we will enjoy vegetables of many different kinds and species. 

The process is even more fascinating with fruit trees as… Read More »

Mourning for Meron

Yesterday afternoon I took a minute and watched the livestream of the dancing in Meron, Israel and the tremendous celebrations of Lag Baomer. My heart was filled with joy as once again we could see the beautiful sight of tens of thousands of people dancing with joy and celebrating this beautiful day.
Each year as we celebrate Lag Baomer in Sudbury or wherever we are, we take a few minutes and watch the joyous dancing of hundreds of thousands of our brethren in Israel and feel connected with our people and traditions of thousands of years. A couple of years ago, Shayna managed to go to Meron for the night of Lag Baomer and see first hand what this is like.
At close to 6:30pm I saw the first news flashes of… Read More »

The tremendous responsibility of Parenting

20210420_132227.jpgA few days ago, I went to do afternoon car pool to pick up my children from school (as I usually do the only the morning run). I peaked in to my four year old daughter’s class and she somehow saw me even though there was a closet blocking her vision of where I was standing. The teacher was in the middle of reading the children a story in the last few minutes of the day, but upon seeing me, my daughter jumped up and made a mad dash to my arms and gave me a huge smile from behind her mask. My daughter was so excited to see me that she could hardly talk from excitement and joy and her eyes welled up with tears of happiness.

It was a powerful moment and one that I won’t forget so fast. I pray and hope that even if the form of the… Read More »

The Broken Pillow & One Tweet Too Many...


A fellow once realized that he had been spending too much time gossiping in the market about his friends and community members, and decided to go and have a chat with the Rabbi. He then proceeded to tell the Rabbi that he felt really bad and wanted to make amends for all of the juicy tidbits of gossip which he had been sharing with others and asked the Rabbi for some advice.

The Rabbi told him that he would help him, but first he would have to go and bring him a feather pillow. He was a little baffled as to the purpose of the pillow but he quickly ran and procured a feather pillow and returned to the Rabbi. The Rabbi then told him, "now I want you to go to the market and cut open the pillow in the wind and let the feathers… Read More »

Passover Recap & Pictures

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the beautiful services over the Passover Holiday.

The positive vibe and joy of Passover and Spring is in the air and with it the hope that the worst is behind us and things are only getting better as we go forward.

Before Passover we held a fun Hebrew School Pre Passover event which was followed by an outdoor Model Matzah Bakery which was held in the beautiful weather in the field behind Chabad.

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers who helped pack and deliver Passover packages to hundreds of people and to all the sponsors and volunteers who helped deliver the Passover Dinners from the Passover Seder Project to sixty people in the greater Sudbury area. Thank you Dushez caterers for the great… Read More »

An 80 Year Old Mah Nishtana and it's Timeless Message


I had many meaningful and uplifting encounters this week with lots of different people as I drove around paying pre Passover house visits to people across the area. One of the most memorable encounters took place in the middle of the week, when I visited Izzy, who spoke for us a number of years ago about his Holocaust experiences.

As I stood there at the bottom of his steps, Izzy stood at the top of his stairway behind his mask, and reminisced about Passover memories in his childhood town of Slonim, Belaraus. At one point, Izzy sang for me the Mah Nishtana (the Four Questions) with the traditional melody of Eastern European Jews, and a unique Slonim touch.

Izzy began the Four Questions with the Yiddish introduction “Tate… Read More »

Happy 80th Birthday Hadaasa Kubat!


Happy Birthday Hadassa Kubat ! Our oldest class of Hebrew School walked over to Hadassa Kubat's house and joined...

Posted by Yisroel Freeman on Sunday, March 7, 2021

Thawing Lakes & Spring

Earlier this week as the weather improved, I took a refreshing walk on Pelham Island Road in Sudbury and soaked up the sunny rays and crisp and fresh air. The sky was as blue as it gets, and the sun was beating down on the lake trying as hard as it could to thaw the ice that covered nearly the entire lake.

The branches were still bare, dry and dead leaves covered the floor along with some piles of snow and ice that were still in abundance, and occasionally the mud squelched beneath our feet. Yet there was no doubt about it, Spring was getting ready to make a comeback and the warmth and the season of growth is just around the corner.
As I looked upon the lake, I noticed that the surface of the water nearest to the shore, was already… Read More »

In Memory of "Bubby" Margaret Plotke Z"L

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-05 at 1.37.27 PM.jpegIn loving memory of our family's Bubby & Alte Bubby, Margaret Plotke (Esther Malka Bat Shmuel Aharon Z"L)

Yesterday, Shayna's Bubby and our children's great grandmother returned her soul to her Creator, in the company of her loving family, just two weeks after her 90th birthday.
Bubby was an incredible mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and a loving and doting matriarch to her beautiful tribe of 4 children, 21 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren KA"H.
In the nineteen years that I knew her and during our many visits to California to visit her or on her many visits to Sudbury, I don't recall her ever saying a negative word about another human being or for that matter complaining about anything. Instead… Read More »
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