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A Few Words from a Survivor of Auschwitz

 Betty is a good friend of mine who is now well into her nineties and someone I try and call most weeks before Shabbos. Betty is an amazing lady who is a great grandmother many times over and continues to live and enjoy each and every day of her life with positivity, joy and pride and love for her Jewish identity and traditions.

Betty is also a survivor of Auschwitz and a survivor of the Holocaust.

On a recent visit with my son Mendel, we spent some time chatting with Betty as she filled us in about her survival of the Holocaust and what life was like in prewar Europe for her and her family. My son was riveted and intrigued and indeed deeply moved by this firsthand experience of the best and worst of humanity, and what Jewish life… Read More »

The attack in Texas, Security & Unity


Soon after I made Havdalla last Saturday evening, I received a text from a community member informing me of the attack on a Jewish House of Worship in Texas. My adrenalin turned on as once again a Jewish institution was under attack on the holy day of Shabbat.

Lots of concerned people started texting me and messaging me throughout the evening as the events unfolded.

As for me, I had a small Bar Mitzvah to attend in Brighton, but even there we said a prayer for the hostages and hoped that we would hear good news very soon.

When we finally heard that the hostages had been extricated unharmed, I let out a sigh of relief, like I am sure so many others did who had been watching and following this event as it unfolded through the… Read More »

A Dance with my Daughter & a Lesson she taught me


Every Friday night it happens, right as I conclude the Lecha Dodi melody, my five-year-old daughter jumps up from her toys or books and runs to me and asks me to dance with her. For a full two minutes or so, I hold her hands, and we go in circles as we sing and dance. Then for the grand finale, I lift her up by her hands and spin her around and around until I get too dizzy to continue and then I put her down and it is time for me to continue my prayers.

Every time this happens, I notice the joyous look on her face and see her eyes light up with tremendous deep happiness as she locks eyes with me as we dance and spin around in honor of the Shabbat. I notice how her eyes look at my face and are so present in the moment to the… Read More »

A Rose Grows in Washington


Last week I spent a day in Washington DC and observed many fascinating, beautiful and historic icons and buildings. It was a cloudy day and the sun hardly showed itself, but it was 57 Fahrenheit and warm enough to be outdoors for many hours.

As I walked and learned about modern American History and saw the many monuments and edifices that tell the story of America today, I found myself contemplating the journey of American democracy and the society that we live in today.  The history of the past along with the messages that these figures and buildings represent, made me reflect on the progress, beauties, successes and indeed challenges that we face in our society today.

At one point as I walked in a green area… Read More »

Meditation from Sinai Course


Meditation from Sinai: Mindful awareness and Divine spirituality to help you think, feel, and live more deeply.

Judaism places great emphasis on action. As a result, many Jews are unaware of another important facet of the Jewish tradition: deeply meaningful teachings about mindful awareness, spirituality, and meditative practices. This course advances the uniquely Jewish approaches to these fascinating topics. Whether you’ve practiced meditation before or not, this course will both inspire and practically guide so that you can reap the benefits of a more spiritual and mindful life.

Launching on Tuesday Feb 1st for six Tuesday evenings in person or virtual.

Sign up or more info… Read More »

What is the R0 rate?


I still remember the day (many years ago) when I met a doctor who told me they were an epidemiologist, and I responded with a bewildered and baffled look, as I had no idea what that term meant at the time. 

However in the last two years, I think my respect for the research done by epidemiologists has increased dramatically as I suddenly understood just how important is there line of work and research. All of a sudden their efforts at understanding pandemics and how to best fight them, have become so important to the ways our societies function and I am beyond grateful to them and their research.

I am sure just like each and every one of you, I have found myself learning new pieces of info during this pandemic… Read More »

A Note of Thanks


As the fiscal year of 2021 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you and to our beautiful community for helping make the last twelve months such a resounding success in so many ways. Despite the many challenges which are out there which have made life hard for so many and have made it difficult to gather and be together, the last twelve months have been a time of tremendous growth in which more people than ever before were impacted, assisted, inspired and touched in so many ways.

None of this would have happened without the tremendous encouragement, support and moral support from so many of you who are truly our partners in making this happen.

The Courage to be Different


Social pressure is a concept that has always been around and impacted how people behave. Yet perhaps in recent years this has become a concept that has been amplified in a dramatic way due to the way our society functions.

Several studies conducted over the last few decades including one by Psychologist Solomon Asch have shown how people will make wrong choices and read reality completely wrong, simply because of group pressure even though the truth is obvious.

In other words the desire to conform can often cause people to reinterpret reality and make choices that will allow them to simply fit in to the current way of thinking, even if it might go against their innate moral conscience.

In this week's reading of the… Read More »

Chanukah with Sudbury Seniors

Senior Chanukah.pngWe are grateful that this Chanukah unlike last Chanukah, we are once again able to bring some Chanukah joy to the wonderful and special seniors in our community.

We had the good fortune of running Chanukah Programs in the Orchard Hill Assisted Living, Bear Mountain (Wingate) and Bridges by Epoch. We were also was finally able to see some residents that we hadn't been able to see since before the Pandemic.

Masks, tests and health forms were the norm, but Chanukah joy happened and the residents were very grateful and appreciative to once again be able to celebrate Chanukah

Marlborough Chanukah Celebration & Show

c21 3.jpgDozens of people gathered together in Marlborough City Center in front of the Walker Building this past Tuesday evening to celebrate the holiday of Chanukah and kindle a 9 foot Menorah. The crowd which included many young families and children heard a beautiful message from Mayor Arthur Vigeant who welcomed everyone on behalf of the City and spoke of the importance of this meaningful tradition and thanked the Chabad Center of Sudbury for organizing this celebration. Counselors Samatha Pearlman and Sean Navin and Cantor Sherman of Temple Emanuel also shared meaningful messages with the assembled. 

Following the greetings, Rabbi Freeman lit the Menorah and spoke of the c 21 4.jpgmeaningful message of the Menorah and what this holiday… Read More »

Chanukah Kick Off Celebration & Show

C 21 2.jpgHundreds of people joined together on the first night of Chanukah for an outdoor Chanukah Kickoff Celebration & Show.

The event which was held on the deck and lawn of the center, included the lighting of a nine foot Menorah, a wonderful entertaining show by Davey the Clown, lots of donuts and latkes, arts and crafts and lots more.

C21 1.jpgThe smiles and laughter along with the songs and music made for a truly wonderful Chanukah evening and community celebration!

You can see lots of pictures of the celebration over here. 


c 21 5.jpgThis evening on the way home from the Chanukah celebration in Marlborough, I said to my children, "let's take a drive down Route 20 and maybe someone else will be cheered up by the Menorah on our car". We drove down Boston Post Road and pulled in to the Rugged Bear Plaza to check on the large Menorah that is there and my son Mendel started adjusting the correct number of lit bulbs.

All of a sudden a car pulls in, and the driver rolls down the window and asks to chat with us about our Menorah.
We then had a nice and meaningful conversation which at times became emotional as he shared his story of how he grew up, and was the poorest boy in the class who couldn't afford synagogue membership and couldn't go to services. He… Read More »

My First Visit to my Parents in Two Years


After two long years in which I hadn't been able to see my parents, today I was finally able to see them in person, when I got off the plane and arrived at London Heathrow Airport.

It was a moment that was truly worthy of a Shehechiyanu blessing, as I was finally able to give them an embrace, and give them the joy of a child coming home to visit.

For so long we could not visit even though I was vaccinated, and then when they finally changed the rules so that we could fly, my family and myself came down with COVID.  Now, while I am still within the ninety days from having had COVID, it was the perfect time to finally make this visit happen and to take the flight across the pond.

My five year old daughter who helped drop… Read More »

Lessons from two 95 year old heroes


In the last few days two 95 year old Jewish heroes passed away, one in the suburbs of Boston and one thousands of miles away in Jerusalem.

Each one of them made a profound impact on the world in their own unique way and certainly helped make a better and brighter world. Perhaps by taking a moment to read their stories we can honor their memory and what they stood for and help continue the messages that they stood for and shared with us.

Binyamin Wertzburger was a young survivor of a Concentration Camp who remembered being tormented by a Nazi Guard and told how he will die in the camp and never see Jerusalem. Yet miraculously despite having weighed just 26kg and going through so much, he survived the war and made it to Israel and… Read More »

18 Hours in Brooklyn


I just returned from an eighteen hour trip to Brooklyn where I spent some time at our annual conference. G-d willing I plan to go back after Shabbos and will join some of the main events and sessions at the conclusion of the conference.

This morning as I walked up Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, one could literally feel Shabbat in the air. Bouquets of flowers were being sold by the dozen, the smell of freshly baked Challah wafted out of the bakeries, musicians were playing in various spots on the street, booths raising funds for needy families or other causes were set up outside popular stores, groups of friends could be seen having joyful reunions as they saw each other for the first time in two years, and every… Read More »

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