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The Ingredients of our Journey


It was 4am and the gunfire was intense as the thud of explosions shook our building. No it was not Beirut in the 1980's, it was my apartment building in Caracas in 1999.

The policeman who lived one floor below us was the target, but my bedroom window was directly on top of his, and we were in the line of fire.

We huddled on the floor and waited for it to end.... and then three nights later they came back for round two.

Like many of you, I have spent time in different cities and countries around the world as part of my studies, work in the Jewish Community or time with family. These have included plenty places in Central and South America, England, Israel, Canada and more.

Thank G-d in most of these places, I dealt… Read More »

A few lessons from Biking


About two months ago, my daughter asked me to remove the training wheels from her bike and teach her to ride without them. The big day finally arrived, and we unscrewed the training wheels and were ready to go.

For the first attempt, I held her front bars and tried to leave go for a few seconds at a time as I ran along with her, and she tried balancing and going forward at the same time. A few minutes later, we were ready for the next step as I got her into position and stood right behind her, and held my hands hovering either side of her, in case she were to lose her balance, and then I gave her a sendoff to start riding.

She was pretty determined and sure enough within about ten minutes she was going up and down our street all… Read More »

The Power of a Smile


I recently had my annual physical with my Doctor and thank G-d all is well. As we finished the physical part of the checkup, we then spent about fifteen minutes chatting about life, our children, their interests, his visits back to his hometown in Pakistan where he is going for the first time in over three years this summer, what village life was like for him when he grew up, his elderly mother, faith, and so many more topics.

As we said good bye and I wished him well on his trip, he said to me, “This morning, when I saw your name on the appointment list I was so glad, as I always love chatting with you about life and look forward to our meetings. Please keep me in mind in your prayers”.

I walked out of the… Read More »

Camp Report & Photos Week #2


Camp Gan Israel has had another amazing week so far with the dozens of campers who are enjoying the camp.

The campers enjoyed activities like swimming, hikes, a trip and scavenger hunt at Wholefoods, Blueberry picking and a trip to Wardsberry Farm, lots of Sports, Arts and crafts and so much more.

Visit our Camp Gan Israel Sudbury Facebook page for a lot more photos!

Camp Gan Israel Photos of Week #1


Camp Gan Israel has gotten off to an amazing start and a truly fun filled week of activities.

The campers enjoyed a visit to Canobie Lake, Hiking up Tipling Rock, Bowling, Horse & Pony Rides, Fun with Outdoor water activities, Sushi Making, Challah Making, Swimming, Sports, Arts & Craft and lots more.

We are so grateful to our amazing counselors and teen helpers who are helping the campers enjoy such an amazing week.

You can see some more pictures over here.

Visit our Camp Gan Israel Sudbury Facebook page for a lot more photos!

Spreading Wings & Flying Forward

On Sunday night we sat in the audience and watched our daughter Chana deliver a beautiful short speech at her High School Graduation in Brooklyn. Seated with dozens of her classmates, all beaming with pride and enjoying this tremendous milestone, we couldn't help but be so happy and grateful for this moment.

Seeing dozens of eighteen year old students successfully graduate as kind, moral and good people, isn't something small. Each one of them has had a journey of their own, and have certainly had their own share of bumps, humps and obstacles along the way. Yet they grew, became stronger and formed lifetime friendships with one another, that will continue to be a part of their journey forward for years to come.

Yes of course, we… Read More »

He Still Remembered the Song


This afternoon at a pre Shabbat program at a local nursing home I was joined by several residents and their caregivers or family members.

One of the gentlemen has a very distinguished academic background and has written hundreds of academic papers and delivered keynote lectures around the world. Yet unfortunately dementia has caught up with him, and he is unable to talk coherently and switches between the seven languages that he speaks nearly every other word. Yet as I have seen so many times and in so many settings, music and specifically emotional and spiritual music, has a deep and profound effect and as it touches the heartstrings of the heart and the deepest recesses of the mind.

I watched the man’s lips along with his… Read More »

Photos & Report of Hebrew School Celebration

20220522_105152.jpgThis past Sunday we hosted a beautiful and meaningful year end Hebrew School celebration for our dozens of students and their families. The celebration included awards to the students and remarks and comments by staff, students and their parents. It was then followed by a short tour of the students Art Projects which were connected to topics they have been studying, and a delicious brunch.

Parents Olga Ohayon, Dima Shvatzman & Anna Anderson all shared truly beautiful sentiments about what the Hebrew School and Chabad of Sudbury has meant to their children and families, and how grateful they all are that they are a part of this community.

Students, Noa & Shaked shared a beautiful poem and song and teen volunteers Yoni &… Read More »

Some Gave All


Dear Friends,

This week as I drive down the Masspike or through some of our own local towns, I see the American Flag going up in many places as the country prepares to mark Memorial Day.

On several bridges I saw a sign that said "all gave some, some gave all", powerful words than can help us pause and remember the sacrifice of so many, who helped America and so many others have freedom and peace.

In the week of yet another terrible and devastating tragedy with the school shooting in Texas, we are reminded of how much work we still need to do to help this country and all of humanity live up its full potential.

As we remember those who gave their lives for this country, let us remember what they gave it for… Read More »

21 Innocent Souls


As a parent of young children, I cannot begin to fathom the terrible murderous rampage and bloodbath of young children and their teachers that happened today in Texas.

Looking at the pictures of the mothers outside the school trying to find out if their child is okay, is heartbreaking and gut wrenching.

There are truly no words.....

You sent off your child to school with a hug and then this happens.

This terrible rampage which has claimed the lives of eighteen young children and three teachers, is coming just over a week after the murderous hateful attack in Buffalo that claimed ten innocent shoppers, because they were black.

Crime and murders happen every day in our society and unfortunately we end up becoming to used to… Read More »

A Message to our Hebrew School Students

Untitled design (1).jpgGood Morning Students & Parents,

Five years ago, we planted a few fruit trees outside.

Only one tree survived but as time went past, it too wasn’t doing too well and not producing too many leaves. To make things work, the constant breeze and wind were blowing on it a lot and causing it to always bend over.

So last year we decided to care for it a little more and we put a few stakes in the ground to help it stand tall and straight, we weeded around it, and we gave it plant food to help it grow better.

This year for the first time, it produced a few fruit flowers, and today there is one tiny little pear growing on the tree.

It is so exciting to watch and of course we can’t wait to taste the first pear that comes from… Read More »

Living the Life


Do you ever talk to people and feel like they are not really there?

Are you ever on the phone with someone and it sounds like the person may be distracted?

Did you ever find yourself with a family member or close friend and then feel like you didn't really connect or utilize the unique opportunity of having been together?

Nearly every experience and interaction in life has a body and a soul to it. A handshake for a deal, is not simply about the actual physical handshake, rather it is about the intent behind the shake. The gift of the flowers, is not about the flowers themselves, rather its about the sentiment behind the gift. The words of prayer are not the goal itself, rather it is about the thoughts and deep feelings… Read More »

The Murderous Attack in Buffalo


After Shabbos last week, we found ourselves once again in the aftermath of a terrible racist mass shooting. This time in a Supermarket in Buffalo with the victims nearly all being members of the local Black Community. The hate filled murderer hated Jews and especially Hassidic Jews, but said that they could be targeted at a different time and this time he focused his bullets on innocent shoppers in the supermarket. 

It is unfathomable what hate drives people who are willing to do such acts, and unfortunately these people are out there.

Our hearts go out to the members of the Black Community who were targeted along with their family members, and we stand together with the community as they deal with the aftermath of this… Read More »

Brightening Time


The days are longer and the warm weather is finally here for us to enjoy. I love Spring not just because everything is in bloom and coming to life, and not just because it is warmer outside, but also since the daylight hours and the sunshine last for much longer.

The longer daylight hours, mean the morning commute is in daylight hours and of course it is even light enough to do some biking with my children, do some gardening or take a walk after dinner.

The days are literally and figuratively becoming brighter as each and every day passes, until 5:13am on June 21st when the summer solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere and the days will once again be getting shorter.

At this time of year, Judaism teaches us… Read More »

Why Israel Means so Much To Me


I grew up in England and had a great childhood in the UK, I also live in America and am tremendously grateful of the blessings of this country and all that it provides to all of its inhabitants. Yet at the same time I feel intrinsically and deeply connected to the Land of Israel, and to the millions of our brethren who live there.

While growing up I hardly knew anyone in Israel, yet still felt the same way, especially after my first trip to Israel in 1995. Now many years later, I have friends and relatives in every part of Israel, whether it be in the big cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and others, or it be in small towns like Elad, Burkin, Kfar Chabad and so many others.

For me Israel is more than a country, it is the… Read More »

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