Business Greeting or Ad Form

I'd like to support the important work of the Chabad Center Sudbury by placing a greeting or ad for my business or service in the Jewish Photographic Wall Calendar 2022/23 5783. 


Business name 






Calendar Pricing

For Businesses there are several options to choose from where you can advertise your business or place a greeting and the positioning in the calendar works on a first come first serve basis.

Ø Business Card - $300 for one or 3 or more $275 each (Location: On Calendar Page 3.35 - 2) (#4)

Ø Full month bar - $850 (Location: Bottom of the  Calendar Page) (#5)

Ø Double Bottom Page Box - $200 (Location: On Calendar Page 1.375 – 2.750) (#6)

Ø Single Bottom Page Box - $100 (Location: On Calendar Page 1.375 – 1.375) (#7)

Ø Full Page Ad  - $1000 (Location: On Calendar insert) (#8)

Ø Half Page Ad - $600  (Location: On Calendar insert) (#9)

Ø Quarter Page Ad - $350 (Location: On Calendar insert) (#10)

Ø Back Page Ad - $1000 (Location: On Back Page) (#11)

Ø Corporate Calendar Sponsor - $3600 (Location: On front of Calendar plus multiple Business Cards and Dates) (#12)


Online Advertising on our Website 

Monthly Website Sponsor - Includes Banner & Link $360

Weekly Email Sponsor - Includes Banner & Link $150 


Please email your JPEG or PDF ad to [email protected]

Payment: You can either mail in a check to the Chabad Center (100 Horse Pond Road, Sudbury, MA 01776) or enter your credit card info below.

Please charge my credit card $ 

Credit Card Number     

Expiration Date           

Please indicate in this section which Option # package you wish to use and any other comments that you may have:



For more info please call 978 443 0110 or email [email protected] 

To place a personal greeting click here.