Please note that the dates for this series have changed slightly as you can read below the image. 


A new 3 Part Series for Women beginning in May

Kneading Faith
The Mitzvah of Challah

Sunday, May 16th 2010, 7:30 pm 
at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Challah3.jpgFor some, challah evokes warm memories of mothers and grandmothers lovingly kneading dough and then braiding delicate strands into gorgeous loaves. Originating in the times of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, challah gracing the Shabbat table is a cherished Jewish tradition, and it is one of the foundations of the Jewish home. Many delight in the aroma and taste of challah, fresh from the oven—though the deeper dimension, the essence of this mitzvah, few have explored.

“Kneading Faith: The Mitzvah of Challah” is the first session in JLI’s Rivkah’s Tent series, in honor of Rebbetzin Rivkah Holtzberg, the Chabad emissary to Mumbai, India, who was brutally murdered in the 2009 terrorist attacks. This lesson will examine the history and significance of the mitzvah of challah, emphasizing its connection with Jewish women.



Still Life with Candles at Friday Dusk
An Artistic Exploration of the Mitzvah of Shabbat Candles

Sunday May 23rd, 7:30 pm
at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Just before sunset on Friday, a woman lights the candles and covers her eyes in prayer. This iconic image has come to symbolize Jewish family and motherhood. 

Join us for “Still Life with Candles at Friday Dusk,” as we study the mitzvah of candle lighting and the way in which it infuses a Jewish home with light and warmth. What is its origin? Why has it taken such hold of Jewish memory and imagination? We'll take an artistic journey, examining both poetry and painting, as we try to understand the magic and mystery of the Shabbat candles.



Passion & Friendship

Sunday, May ? 7:30pm at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

rose.jpgA mystical and enriching journey exploring the dynamic of Jewish Marriage & Taharat Hamishpacha.

Your wedding day made you one; to cultivate that oneness is a lifelong endeavor. Enhance your union with these spiritual and practical tips, with the special mitzvot of marriage, and by understanding the spiritual infrastructure of your relationship revealed in the teachings of sages and the kabbalistic masters.


You can register for the course or for individual classes by emailing [email protected] or calling 978-443-0110

Suggested Donation $20 for the Course $8 per individual class.