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Remembering our dear friend, Mark Rosen Z"L

Friday, 31 August, 2018 - 12:03 am

Mark Rosen.jpgThis week, we lost a very dear friend, with the sudden passing last Shabbos of Mark Rosen (Moshe Shmuel ben Sholom Z”L).

I was originally introduced to Mark some ten years ago just after he celebrated his daughter’s Bar Mitzvah. At that point he had already been fighting ALS for seven years, and in my first encounter, I went with a perspective that I am going to be seeing someone who has been debilitated by ALS. However, I quickly realized that he didn’t define his life by his ALS, rather he was someone who had a profound depth, focus and sense of purpose and was determined to use his every day in a productive and meaningful manner.

Mark was an amazing father and invested tremendous energy and passion into looking after his two wonderful children and watching them grow up. Mark’s greatest pleasures came from watching his children’s successes as they grew up.

Mark also had a deep connection and love for Judaism and Israel.

Mark and myself, spent many hours in deep conversation as we discussed, Judaism, Jewish history and the messages and deeper meaning of life. He was also fascinated by study of Jewish texts and spent dozens of hours at Chabad of Sudbury taking our Adult Jewish Learning Courses on a whole host of topics. Mark was always an active contributor who shared so much perspective with his deep and insightful questions or observations. Yet more than that, for a man who battling ALS & working full time, to make the time and energy to come and study each week, was beyond inspiring.

Several years ago, Mark put up the Mezuzah scrolls on some of the doors of his house, which symbolize having a home that is mindful of our responsibilities to G-d and his vision for the world. It was a very meaningful and powerful experience for all of us which I will always remember. Even though Mark couldn’t really talk, he really wanted to verbalize and say the blessing that is customarily said as we affix the Mezuzah to the doors. Mark exerted himself tremendously to mouth, articulate and verbalize the twelve words of the blessing and was physically drained but so pleased when we affixed the Mezuzah Scrolls with the blessing that he had said.

Along the lines of his love for his Jewish heritage and Judaism itself, Mark had a powerful love for Israel and cared deeply for its security and wellbeing. There is probably one Israeli Flag flying in the entire Sudbury, maybe even in the entire Metrowest, and that is in Mark’s front yard, where it proudly flies next to the American Flag which together represent so much of what Mark was proud of.

One of Mark’s passions was helping see Chabad of Sudbury grow and reach new heights. Using his Management Consulting skills, Mark helped us at Chabad of Sudbury grow and develop our organization over the last ten years in so many ways, and passionately wanted to see us continually grow and have a great impact. In addition, Mark spent dozens of hours working with his fellow Chabad Advisory Board members, over the last four years, navigating the purchase, approval, and construction project of the new facility of the Chabad Center of Sudbury.

Mark is leaving the world after just 68 years and 17 years after being diagnosed with ALS. Yet Mark is leaving it a much brighter place through his love, passion and guidance that he gave to so many.

“VeHachai Yiten El Libo”, “may the living take to heart”… May Mark’s memory, Moshe Shmuel Ben Shlomo Z”L, be a blessing and inspiration for all those who knew him and may we all take to heart the appreciation for each moment we are gifted with in this world to use it wisely and meaningfully, just like Mark did so amazingly throughout his life.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to his two dear children Zelda & Teddy and to his dear mother Tema. May they be comforted among the mourners of Zion & Jerusalem and may his memory be a blessing.

You may read Mark's full Obituary over here. 


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