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Red Sox or Yankees?

Friday, 10 August, 2018 - 6:20 pm

dreamstime_xs_17878083.jpgI was discussing with a loyal Yankee Fan, some of the great recent performances of the Red Sox and how they are doing so well. We discussed how the Red Sox had clobbered the Yankees and how the Yankees are quite a bit behind. However he quickly retorted that with several weeks left to the season and some major games ahead of us, it is still quite easy for the Yankees to overtake the Red Sox and still win. I am not so convinced, as I have been living in Massachusetts for too long now, and I have started to have an affinity to the Red Sox.

However, as I think about this idea, it is also a perfect analogy for our own personal game, that has played out in the year that  passed. It is likely that many of us did not fully accomplish our spiritual and perhaps moral and other goals that we set out to achieve last Rosh Hashanah. As we approach these final weeks of the year, it may almost seem to us, that we didn't succeed in our game plan the way we wanted to, and we will just have to try again next year. 

Yet in truth, as pointed out to me by the Yankee Fan, these final weeks of the game, still contain the potential for us to give the final push that is required to overcome our humps and obstacles that have stopped us accomplishing what we need to, and win the game. Just because until now we haven't succeeded, well as he pointed out, in a few weeks everything can still change.

This Sunday marks the first day of the final Hebrew month of the year, the month of Elul. Many communities have a custom to begin sounding the Shofar beginning this Sunday and continuing for the next month as we work our way towards Rosh Hashanah. The idea behind this, is to begin utilizing the final month of the Jewish Calendar Year, the month of Elul, to the best degree possible, so that we can conclude our year and wrap our year up in a good manner and form. We may have many loose ends, or goals we hoped to achieve this year, that we may or may not complete or finish, but at least we try our best to come full circle and wrap up our year in a meaningful and uplifting manner, and hey, we may even be able to give ourselves an extra push to accomplish things we hadn't thought possible until now.

As we close up the hot summer days, we wish you all a refreshing end to the summer, success to the Red Sox, and an uplifting home stretch for the final month of the Jewish Calendar Year of 5778.

Shabbat Shalom

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