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Camp Gan Israel 2014 Recap / Video / Photos

Tuesday, 22 July, 2014 - 12:39 am

photo 4.JPGLast Friday, Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury finished its exciting and successful  three week camp. The camp which was held at the Lincoln Sudbury High School, attracted over 40 local children over the course of the three week camp. Among the campers were multiple new families who joined the camp for the very first time from the Sudbury area and beyond.

Over the course of the three weeks, campers enjoyed amazing field trips to great outdoor settings, parks and theme parks, they enjoyed lots of swimming and sports,  made lots of fun arts & crafts projects and were able to take some professional painting classes, they enjoyed lots of fun and spirited Jewish camp time, and did tons of other great activities and ever ending fun.

On behalf of the Chabad Center of Sudbury we would like to thank all of those who helped make this camp our biggest and best camp to date.

Thank you to Shayna Freeman, our dedicated camp director for working for months in advance to make this the success that it is.

Thank you to our Head Counselor, Menucha Milman and counselors, Chana Pinkwas, Kraina Rieber & Yitty Wolff.

Thank you to our JC's Macia Pinkwas and Sonia Litovchik and thank you to our CIT's, Jacob Reznik, Yaniv Kaptsan, Avi Lepsky & Chloe Meyer.

We would also like to thank Nancy & Brian Schwartz for opening up their home for the counselors to stay in over the course of the camp.

Thank you Fran Levy who gave so many hours helping the kids have some serious fun Painting Lessons and for all her other help with the camp.

We have 14 Photo Galleries over here for you to enjoy! 

Below is a short video clip of some fun moments in camp! 


Comments on: Camp Gan Israel 2014 Recap / Video / Photos

Adam and Robyn wrote...

Thank you to everyone for an incredible two weeks of camp. Our daughters had the most incredible time at camp and already miss their friends, counselors and all the fun they had. Kudos to Shayna and everyone for planning such wonderful and memorable days. It went too fast!