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Issac the Digger

Friday, 1 November, 2013 - 4:06 pm

 Digger.jpgHave you ever looked at the ground beneath you and wondered what is beneath your feet? Maybe there is some oil or gas beneath you, or maybe there is an old archeologcal find waiting to be found, or perhaps there is some large reserve of water underneath your feet?

Usually we don't bother looking or even thinking about what lies beneath us. Yet in this week's Torah portion we read about our ancestor Issac who we are told spent much time digging and discovering water wells. He was someone who spent time researching and drilling in multiple locations until he discovered the wells of water.

Why of all  details in his life does the Torah choose to focus on the digging of wells? After all he was a righteous person and a leader in his own right, and obviously his life included many other activities and actions, so why focus on his digging wells?

Yet in truth, this little detail of well digging is actually an expression of one of the most profound and unique dimensions of Issac's life, and by sharing it with us it teaches us an eternal lesson for how to go about life.  

We are often faced with personal, social or general situations which appear to be negative and bleak? How do we view and approach these situations? Do we view it as a hopeless and pointless situation as it seems to appear, or are we willing to look a little deeper and do some digging to review its better potential?

Issac, when faced with his many life challenges, always made sure to do the latter. In fact, when it came time to bless his sons, Issac wanted to give the larger blessing to Esau despite him being a corrupt and evil person. Issac's reasoning was that he was trying to use the blessings to dig out and reveal the tremenodus positive potential that even Esau had. Even when everyone else saw Esau as a hopeless situation and one of pure evil and negativity, Issac looked at it differently and tried as hard as he could to look deeper and discover the well that he knew was embedded.

In a sense, this teaching is something we should think about every time we deal with a difficult situation. Are we going to give up and walk away and just resign ourselves to a negative outcome, or are we going to be like Issac and try and dig deeper and expose the inherent G-d given potential that has been bestowed on each and everyone of us. Anyway time to get back to some well digging, it may sometimes require a hard hat zone, but its definitely worth it. Take one element or one relationship of your life that you struggle with and try and see how you can bring some of Issac's well digging skills into the picture.

Good luck with the digging!

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