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Pictures & Video of Mendel's Upshernish

Monday, 12 March, 2012 - 12:11 am

DSCN1174.JPGMany friends, community members and relatives recently joined together for the Upshernish and 3rd birthday celebration of Mendel Freeman. The Upshernish celebration marks the first formal Jewish education of a child at the age of 3 years old and is celebrated by giving the child his first  haircut and teaching him to begin using a Yarmulka and Tzitis. The event brought together many local families and children, and relatives from far and near incuding Mendel's grandfather Arieh Freeman, his Grandmother Shoshana Plotke, and aunts and uncles from NY and LA to celebrate this momentous occasion.

DSCF1793.JPGHonored with the first snip was Arieh Freeman who is the grandfather of Mendel and also a Kohen, he was followed by a Levi who was then followed by Rabbi Levi Fogelman as a Yisroel who also shared a few words of blessing and guidance that the Rebbe would share on such occasions. Over the course of the celebration everyone had a chance to have a snip, children also had a chance for Arts & Crafts and of course everyone enjoyed some great food and a beautiful Jewish Simcha.

A special thanks to all of our relatives including our parents and siblings who came from far and wide and who worked tirelessly to make this event so special. A special thanks to Sara Aidel Plotke for the special cake designs such as Yarmulka and Tzitzis that she made for the occasion.

Thank you to Hadassa Kubat for the pictures and thank you to Martin Kaye for the video. A special thanks to Ed Brookmyer for his help in getting the event ready.

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