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Terror Attack on Chabad of Mumbai

Thursday, 27 November, 2008 - 11:16 am

Dear Friends,
As many you of you may know there have been terrible terror attacks in India in which many people have been hurt or killed. One of the targets hit is the Chabad House in Mumbai which is directed by Rabbi Gabi & Rivka Holtzberg. According to the news reports there are at least 4-5 terrorists holed up inside the building and there are definitely a number of Israeli's besides the Rabbi & his wife who are in the building at this time and whose status is unknown. Over the past few hours there has been plenty shooting at the site and no clear definitive info is available. The news we here trickling out is not good, it seems like there were multiple Israeli's and Jews at the Chabad Center at the time of the attack.
Several hours ago an Indian nanny escaped the building with the Rabbi's crying baby Moshe. Rabbi & Mrs Rosenberg from Israel Rivka's parents are on there way along with several other Chabad representatives to take care of the baby and be on top of things first hand.
Please continue to pray on behalf of the hostages and terror victims at the Chabad House and at the other locations across Mumbai.
The names of the Rabbi & his wife are
Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma
Rivkah bas Yehudis
You can say a Psalm by clicking here
You can read more about it here . If you are following the news the Chabad House is being referred to as the Nariman House which was bought two years ago to serve as the center.
Don't stop with a prayer; please take it one step further and remember that a small act of "light" in one part of the world can dispel darkness wherever it may be.

Do a mitzvah:
a) Give charity in their merit
b) Men: Put on Tefillin today (if you already did, see to it that someone who hasn't yet, should).
c) Women: Light Shabbat candles tomorrow evening or encourage a friend to do so in honor of the victims.
May we hear good news.
Rabbi Yisroel Freeman
Comments on: Terror Attack on Chabad of Mumbai

Rabbi Boaz Heilman wrote...

My prayers and the prayer of Congregation B'nai Torah rise to HaShem for the safety of Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, their children, and the other hostages of the Chabad House and elsewhere in this terrible attack.