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A View From My Three Year Old World

Friday, 22 May, 2020 - 12:57 pm

20200412_212927 (1).jpgIt has been a few months since I have stopped going to school and I stopped having to wake up early and get into a car first thing in the morning. This is because of something called "Coronavirus" which we don’t want to catch or share with others.

We have Zoom school every day for 30 minutes just like my big brothers and sister and I pray and talk to my friends and listen to my Morah teach us and tell us stories. I have learned how to unmute myself and to mute myself too and I have learned all about Zoom….

I often want to go to a park and just play on the slides and swings, but my parents tell me we can’t because of the Coronavirus, that makes me sad every time I ask and we can’t go.

We often go for walks and biking in the wagon of my Tatty’s bike, but we make sure to always stay away from people because of something called Social Distancing to stop people getting Coronavirus.

I watch my parents wear masks when they go out and sometimes I have worn one too, I have a pink one, but it doesn’t fit so well around my ears and face. I asked my father for an N95 mask, but he said that it is not for me, I don’t know what it is, but I heard my parents talking about it.

We go and visit people but never go inside, instead I help my Tatty ring the bell and leave a bag of Challah and we quickly run down the stairs and down the path and wait far away from the door and hope that the people come to the door and wave hello. Sometimes my Tatty says no one is in now and wants to go, but I always say “please can we wait an extra minute, just in case they will come out soon”.

We have seen lots of people as we say hello from down the driveway and I wave to people, they are very happy to see us. For some reason they sometimes like to talk to me even more than my father, and sometimes they are laughing and crying at the same time. I don’t understand all the time, but I know my Tatty & Mommy say I am doing a Mitzvah and making people smile.

I like that my brothers and sister are home and they can play with me so much every day, especially my big sister who makes so many fun activities for me every single day. We built a hospital out of cardboard and sometimes I am a nurse and sometimes I am a big sister to my dolls and it is always so much fun.

Sometimes I like to pretend that I am like my brothers and sister and that I have Classes and friends that I have to learn with on Zoom or on the phone, it is a lot of fun.

I love to help my mummy in the kitchen and sometimes with the laundry and I love that we get to do some fun projects together every day. Another thing that I love to do is gardening, and that I have been doing a lot of and I especially love to water the flowers and plants some of which we watched grow from seeds.

I really miss seeing friends but when we drop off Challah outside people’s home and see my friends who come to Chabad it makes me so happy. I sometimes can’t even talk because I am so happy and I just don’t know what to say, but I know my whole face is one big smile at that moment.

Last night before I went to bed, I asked my Tatty to tell me a story about Moshiach, and he told me all about the world that will one day be, when everyone will get better and everyone will be friends and everyone will just be enjoying the beautiful world even more all while doing so many more Mitzvos for each other and for G-d's world.

Today I am excited because it is Friday and we are going to bake more Challah. On my Challah I love to put in Chocolate Chips but sometimes I can’t wait for Shabbos to taste my Challah, but don’t tell anyone.

I also hope to join my mommy or my tatty to drop off some Challah and some Chicken Soup at people’s homes. While my brother comes with us to keep us company in the car, I never like to stay inside when we get to people’s homes as I always like to come along just in case we get to say hello.

Later I will get ready for Shabbos and help clean up like everyone else and then I will light a Shabbos Candle with my mommy. Then just like my mommy I will cover my eyes and pray to G-d for a few special things, including that everyone should be well, that the Coronavirus should be finished soon, and that we can all go and visit our Bobby’s & Zaidy’s in California and England as well as see all of our cousins.

I know I am just three years old but I love to play, do Mitzvos, spend time with my family, make other people happy, and I Daven to G-d every day that the Coronavirus should be gone soon.

Good Shabbos everyone from my three year old world!

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