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"Don't lose sight of the Forest for the Trees"

Tuesday, 21 April, 2020 - 1:00 pm

IMG_3116.JPG"Don't lose sight of the Forest for the Trees" is an age old saying which means that sometimes we get so caught up in the details of life (the trees), that we forget to see the bigger picture (the forest).

I was thinking of this quote as I stood on the top of Tipling Rock yesterday with my five children after a beautiful hike up to the top. We surveyed the beautiful view of tens of thousands of trees, three skyscrapers in Boston and miles and miles of greenery in which it appeared no one seemed to live, as the treetops obscured the sight of any houses and people that may be living in the area.

Suddenly, one of my children yells to me from the top of the rock, "Tatty, look there, I can see the Chabad House". First I was unsure and thought maybe he was imagining it, so I came to check from his vantage point, and what do you know, the only building that we could identify clearly from on top of Tipling Rock, 600 feet above sea level, was the Chabad Center of Sudbury. As we marveled at that and took in the moment, I told my children, "nothing is by accident and everything in life is a lesson waiting to be learned".

IMG_3121.JPGA few minutes later as we walked down the hill along narrow beautiful paths, with streams and ponds on either side and with Devorah Leah on my shoulders, I told my children the following. "Perhaps, our job at Chabad is to make sure that no matter what is happening in the world, we need to find a way to make sure that we provide inspiration and positivity so that people can see through the forest of life.

Yes in times of challenge, it may be hard to see and tune in to that deeper perspective as survival becomes a goal in itself, and the torrent of challenging info and news can make it challenging to stay focused. Yet we believe that we also have been given the spiritual and inner strength to learn how to navigate every challenge and find a way to see through the clouds of obstacles, and stay focused on what is right, good and purposeful".

I concluded, "despite there being tens of thousands of trees in Sudbury and between us and the Chabad Center, we were able to peek through the branches and spot the building, likewise we need to learn how to do the same in life to stay focused on what is right and positive, even when it seems hard to do so, and hopefully as we do so, we be a source of inspiration to others too".

Being that it was the Passover Holiday, I could not take pictures up on Tipling Rock at that time, but I did go on another hike there there this past Sunday and got some nice photos.

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