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Monday, 30 March, 2020 - 2:32 pm

Canva - F018_7356.jpgI have friends in the ICU on ventilators, I have friends who have parents in the ICU and know many dozens of people with the virus. Perhaps it is because we are so connected to the community in NY or perhaps because we live in a very big global community, the news this week has been challenging

With the amount of info out there regarding the Coronavirus and the multiple updates each day of more and more cases of people that we know who have been confirmed to have the Coronavirus, it can be challenging to create and maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere in one's home and environment. The constant news, numbers and ongoing dramatic changes can all have their impact and toll.

This week as the news only got more difficult as multiple relatives contracted the virus and many friends and family members of dear friends contracted the virus, it got me thinking about what is truly and actually going to help us navigate the next few weeks and months in addition to following medical guidance.

Tons of news & articles may keep us more informed, but ultimately it is not what it is going to help us as a family navigate this better (besides for practical advice and medical guidance). Of course we need to stay in tune and be aware of what is going on, but overloading is not going to help anyone.

On a personal level, right now our biggest responsibilities include first and foremost nurturing our five dear children in a manner than will help them navigate this challenge, while maintaining a healthy and meaningful lifestyle and structure. In addition we have a dear and special community to care for, even if we have to maintain physical distancing, but here too we are grappling with how do we work within the current reality and make it work as best as possible.

As we worked through these thoughts and how to make things work, we realized that it comes down to a few things that we need to keep in mind.

1. Think Positive & It Will Be Positive & Faith & Trust in G-d

2. Be thankful and grateful for life's many blessings that we so often take for granted or don't even realize.

3. Be super grateful to all of the amazing and brave medical people on the front lines of this epic struggle.

4. Try and maintain and create a new normal positive and constructive lifestyle, while realizing all the new opportunities that we now have to be even closer together.

5. Use the amazing tools that we have with today's technology to connect, inspire, learn and share with so many others in our community and beyond.

6. Look out for as many people in our community as possible, especially those that need help, a call, or assistance navigating this challenge.

7. When we have a piece of disheartening news about a friend or someone we know, we talk as parents privately but try and minimize as much as possible what we share with and in front of our kids.

8. Add an extra prayer or two each day as well as an extra Mitzvah in honor of those that need healing.

9. Remembering, that every day and indeed every moment is a new gift of life that is priceless and eternal in it's value and is probably one of the best gifts we have ever been give.

10. And lastly, by remembering that as we make the most of the now and realize that we can certainly overcome this, we can also look forward to the day this will be past us. At that point of time we will be grateful for life's "simple" blessings with a whole new clarity and appreciation.

With best wishes for health and blessings to all & a special shout out to all of the medical heroes who are in the front lines of this!

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