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Friday, 16 August, 2019 - 6:18 pm


20190628_161936.jpgDesperate to enter Israel, entreating and asking in every way possible to be able to walk in Israel even for just a short while, all the while declaring true love for the land and the real inheritors of the land.

Yet the request was not to be granted.

Despite all of the entreaties, and despite the tremendous integrity of the leader requesting access, the request was turned down and ....... Moses would have to suffice with merely seeing the land of Israel, but not actually entering it.

Yes, that is the Torah Portion that we read about this Shabbat in VaEtchanan, where Moses describes, how he beseeches G-d to be allowed to enter the Land of Israel, yet he was turned down.

Why did Moses want to enter the Land of Israel?

Moses did not want to enter simply as a tourist to see the land that they had been waiting for, for so long. Moses did also not want to go to agitate and show the nations of the world some kind of political statement. Instead, Moses wanted to enter Israel, since he loved the holiness of the land and was mindful of the spiritual opportunities that exist to some degree only in the Land of Israel. Moses knew that a huge amount of the Divine Commandments, only apply and can only be fulfilled properly in the Land of Israel, and Moses knew that creating a truly healthy well balanced spiritual and moral society in the Holy Land, could impact an area far greater than the Land of Israel alone. Indeed, it could actually effect all of mankind in a very powerful way, and Moses was yearning to have a part in this powerful critical moment in history.

Yet, it was not to be, his request was turned down, despite him being an authentic unique leader of the Jewish people.

The technical reason for this, was due to what happened with the rock and the water, when Moses struck the rock, instead of instructing the rock to issue water.

Yet, in Chassidic teachings it explains another deeper dimension, and that is, that the change that G-d wanted to occur through the entry of the Jewish people into the Land of Israel, was to happen organically through the people themselves, and not due to a powerful spiritual leader like Moses who was guiding them at every step. True, the potential for pitfalls (which actually end up occurring) is far greater, and the possibility of failures exist too, yet the process of change that G-d desires in the world, is not something that happens due to some powerful spiritual giant, rather it was happen naturally through the people themselves with all of their weaknesses and strengths.

Moses doesn't end up entering the land, but he does get to see it as G-d shows him the Land of Israel and all of its offerings and opportunities, and with that Moses can inspire the people and make them aware of the powerful destiny that are about to become a part of, and help begin a change that continues to play out to this day.

May Israel always be in the news for the right reasons, namely, inspiring others with the goodness and knowledge of the world around us through constructive research in the various fields of knowledge and teachings, and even more importantly with the beautiful G-dly values of morality which we have been endowed with to share with all of mankind, through acting as a beacon of light to others and through sharing the principles of morality with the world around us.

Good Shabbos & Shabbat Shalom


P.S Unfortunately, there were several further terror attacks today and yesterday, and today two teens (cousins of a very good friend of mine) were left badly hurt by a terror attack near the town of Elazar. Please pray for the recovery of Noam Eliza Bat Zahava Rivka and Nachum Elimelech Ben Zahava Rivka.

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