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Huge crowd joins "Behind Enemy Lines" event with Marthe Cohn

Friday, 31 May, 2019 - 6:21 pm

20190529_192236.jpgThank you to the huge crowd who joined us this past Wednesday evening to hear Marthe Cohn share her incredible inspiring story of survival in the Holocaust and how she became a spy for the Allies against the Nazis.

Marthe who is now 99 years old, captivated us for an hour and a half with her smile and positive attitude as she retold her story of survival and tribulations, of brave French Citizens who risked their lives to save countless Jews, and what motivated her to put her life at risk even after she herself had been saved.

To see the full room of young people, adults and so many others come out to be a part of the evening was truly inspirational.

Marthe described the efforts of her sister and herself to save hundreds of people and then how her sister was captured and refused to break and divulge names of others involved in the efforts. While her sister was murdered in Auschwitz, Marthe managed to escape to Southern France where she continued her efforts and then eventually joined the Allied war effort and became an undercover spy on Nazi Movements.

It was a dramatic and powerful story, but one told with so much determination and simplicity, along with a positive and joyful attitude to life.

At the event, we made a special mention of the other Holocaust Survivors who joined us for the evening, including Rena Finder, the youngest survivor of Schindler's list, Philip & Anna Cohen who survived the Holocaust in Greece, and Hadassah Kubat who survived the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors who helped make the evening possible, including, Alan & Pat Shapiro, Sol & Jessica Cohen, Dan & Natalya Perlov, Harvey Alford, Ed & Robin Brookmyer & Noel & Daniela Raphael.

Marthe’s book “Behind Enemy Lines” was sold at the event and we have a few more copies left for another few days. Please let us know if you would like to buy a book for $20.00.

Thank you to Avi Lepsky for helping manage the parking and enabling us to get over 100 cars on our property.

Thank you to Martin Kaye for getting all the audio visual stuff setup.

Thank you to Levi, Zalman and Mendel Freeman for all their help in setting up and thank you to Jacob Reznik who helped us after the event.

A big thank you to Ed & Robin Brookmyer for all of their help before and during the event and thank you to Abby Schwartz for all of your help.

Thank you to our dedicated team of volunteers who helped provide security for the event!

Of course the biggest thank you goes to Marthe & Major Cohn themselves for coming across the country to share their inspiring story with us. We wish them both much continued good health for many years to come and much continued success in sharing their inspiring message with today’s youth.

You can see more pictures of the event over here. 

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