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The Power of our Words

Friday, 24 May, 2019 - 4:39 pm

parenting.jpgYesterday, I was visiting someone and they complimented me on something that I had been working on and on the apparent progress I had made. Little did they know that the last few days had been a little challenging in this specific area and I was feeling a little challenged. Yet knowing that they had no idea, and they had said the compliment in a very genuine way, encouraged me in a very profound way to make more progress and to keep going.

As I walked away, it reminded me of the power of our words, and how the compliments and positive words that we share with each other, can have such a profound and encouraging impact. All too often we don't realize just how much influence our words have, and may not bother utilizing this wonderful attribute that we have been gifted with, and sometimes we might even do just the opposite.

Judaism teaches that words have power beyond what we realize.  This is seen in the fact that the creator used words to create the universe and likewise we too are made in the image of G-d and have been endowed with speech that can create.

In Chassidic teachings, it is taught that the way we emulate G-d and create through our words, is through the constructive words that we share with others. The reason for this is since these words can be empowering to the other, they can build up the other, and most importantly these words can be the trigger that will elicit the inherent good that until now was dormant or just there in potential.

The name of this week’s portion is Emor, which means “to say”. One of the takeaways as expressed in many teachings, is the emphasis on how we communicate with others, and on the power of our positive words. Of course we need to be genuine, but perhaps a little contemplation and reflection before we speak, can help us deliver more positive speech that will build up the other and help them develop their divine given infinite potential for good.

This is obviously true for how we communicate with our loved ones, and it is just as true for how we communicate with anyone else we interact with.



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