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Report from National Jewish Retreat

Friday, 3 August, 2018 - 6:19 pm

On Wednesday I journeyed down to the Rhode Island Convention Center with a dear friend from the Sudbury community, where we joined many hundreds of others at the National Jewish Retreat. The Retreat is lasting through the weekend, but the one day that we enjoyed was truly epic and packed with such a great lineup of powerful speakers. Others from our community will be enjoying more of it over the weekend.

We enjoyed Brigadier General Bentzi Gruber of the IDF who shared a presentation on the "8 Second Dilemma", which is an explanation of the IDF Code of Ethics. He showed real footage of combat scenes he was in, in which they had split second decisions to decide if it was a bystander, or combatant or what to do about collateral damage, and explained how the IDF go about this, while having the utmost sanctity for human life.

I also heard from the Jewish Hijacker, who tried to escape from Russia during the 1970's, who has an incredible story.

We heard from many national Jewish leaders in business, academics, film producers and so much more.

During dinner, I sat next to Judge Richard Bernstein who is on the Michigan Supreme Court and was born blind. He was sharing some incredible parts of his life and described how he runs the marathon and participates in the Ironman and more.

In the evening they showed a new Documentary on the story of the St. Louis and how it was denied entry into the USA and most of its occupants were murdered by the Nazi's. Two survivors from the ship were there and were going to lead a discussion on what happened.

Either way, it was super inspiring and next year I look forward to going for longer and with a bigger group from Sudbury.



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