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Memorial Day 2018 - Sudbury

Wednesday, 30 May, 2018 - 2:14 pm

Memorial Day Sudbury 2018.jpgThis week I was honored to stand with Sudbury's Veterans and their family members as well as hundreds of other Sudbury residents to mark Memorial Day as well as deliver a short Invocation.

Below is the text of the Invocation and the Remarks honoring the sacrifices of those who have enabled us to enjoy the freedoms we do in this country.

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen & Honored Veterans

Today we are here to honor the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending the USA and the freedoms and values that it represents. We remember those who perished throughout American History, including those who died in World War 1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and the War on Terror while defending this country, including Sudbury’s own Lt. Scott Milley who was tragically killed in 2010.

Today is a day that  when every citizen or resident of this country,  should take a moment and  say thank you and feel some appreciation for all of those who serve and especially those who lost their lives. It is thanks to these brave men and women that we are all able to live the free lives that we do in this wonderful country.

Throughout it’s history America has always stood tall as a beacon of moral clarity and care for its own citizens as well as those who have been persecuted around the world. For this reason, today when America honors its fallen there are many nations around the world who stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA and are indebted and grateful to the sacrifices made by the US Armed Forces to protect and maintain a moral world wherever it may be.

As a member of the Jewish Faith, I feel a tremendous personal gratitude to the USA and its Armed Forces who helped bring the horrors of the Holocaust, the biggest mass murder in history to an end.  

Even today the US Armed Forces are deployed throughout the world, protecting American interests and values, preventing persecution and mass murder, and fighting against the scourge of terrorism that continues to try and wreak harm on innocent people around the world.

Today on Memorial Day we say thank you and remember the painful sacrifices that have been made as well as the heartbroken family members who live with this pain for the rest of their lives.

Almighty G-d, Father of all mankind:


Today on Memorial Day we are here to honor those that have served and protected our country and given their lives to uphold the freedom and values of the United States of America.  We honor those that fought valiantly and courageously and made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their lives, so that we may enjoy the blessings of liberty, democracy and freedom.


It is our duty to ensure that their memory and efforts serve as an inspiration to ourselves, our families and our communities so that we may continue to uphold and strengthen the values they fought for, of bettering of the world and protecting humanity.


We pray Thee, Gracious Father and Merciful King, bestow your Divine blessings upon these heroic veterans and upon their families, and may their devotion and loyalty be an inspiration to us and to all our fellow Americans. Let this Memorial Day stimulate us to be mindful of our responsibilities and duties as conscientious citizens of this great country.


We pray Thee, Merciful Father, sustain and protect the armed forces of the United States of America wherever they may be, so that they succeed in making the world a better place and a place of peace.  Help all the nations of our world realize the cruelty of bloodshed and the futility of warfare. Inspire them to labor with all their might to banish conflict and strife, and to establish world peace.


Hasten the fulfillment of the visions of the Prophets - when the work of righteous shall be peace, and its effect, tranquility and security forever; when nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.


I will conclude with the prayer which we pray daily, Oseh Shalom Bimromav To He who makes peace on High, may He bring peace upon us and upon all of humanity, and let us say, Amen.


G-d Bless America!

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