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Purim & Teen Trip Photos & Report

Friday, 2 March, 2018 - 2:40 pm

Teens.jpgThis past week was a very busy and happening week at Chabad of Sudbury. We had a delegation of teens at the international CTeen Shabbaton in NY who celebrated with thousands of other teens Jewish Pride and more at the three day weekend. I joined them on Sunday for the final events and it was just so special to see the unique power and joy that teens have and will bring to make a brighter, better and more Jewish tomorrow. Full report from our teens coming soon! You can see a few pictures here.

LNO.jpgSunday night also included a wonderful Ladies Night Out Hamantashen Bake for thirty ladies and teens, who all had a great time and walked out with lots of different styles of delicious Hamantashen and more.

You can see lots more pictures of this event over here.


Wednesday night we enjoyed a Mega Purim in Israel Celebration with well PII.jpgover 100 people in attendance. We were overjoyed at the wonderful turnout on a weekday evening and so glad to see all the happy faces and joyful atmosphere. Special thank you to Gila Sarousi for cooking all the fresh Israeli food which helped make the themed event even more special.

Special stations like the Western Wall, an Israeli Shuk, Jaffa Orange Juice pressing, Israeli Art and more helped create a wonderful ambiance for an Israeli themed party.

You can see lots more pictures over here. 

Multiple Megilla Readings at Chabad and visits to the home bound helped bring the joy of Purim to lots more people.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped make Purim so special for everyone in the community!

Now on on to Passover! 

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