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The Great Powerball Win!

Friday, 8 January, 2016 - 1:46 pm

Powerball.jpg$800 Million is at stake and you could be the one to win the biggest Powerball Lottery Prize in history! You may have already bought a ticket and you may just have the right numbers. Think about it, a simple one full $1 investment may make you $800 million in one night, a number that is almost infinite to most of us.

Each day of our lives we have moments and opportunities that by investing in them and using them right, we can turn them into spiritual value and worth of infinite potential.

Think about it, the smile and the small act of kindness that we do for someone in the street or in our community can turn into a ripple of kindness that may just change that person's life forever, and in the process the lives of people that they interact with too. (Nice Video to Illustrate this Idea Here). What greater investment of a smile or dollar!

Similarly, in terms of our relationship with G-d, our sages state "don't underestimate the power of a small deed as one never knows the impact and depth of any specific action". Judaism provides us with a wealth of winning lottery ticket moments each and every day of our lives. One doesn't have to invest $500 million to win the $800 million, it can be even the small and seemingly one dollar spiritual investments that will win us big.

In the Powerball, only one person or a few people will share the prize, in Judaism though, there can be more than one winner. Each one us have opportunities every day to be that winner.

A simple act like donning the Teffilin and reciting the Shema, lighting Shabbat Candles and spending a moment in welcoming in the Shabbat, picking up the phone and saying hello and cheering someone up, and a few minutes of extra focused attention on a loved one, are all examples of opportunities where a small investment of a few minutes will yield a much deeper spiritual yield. The benefits include a better you, a healthier relationship with G-d, a stronger relationship with those around you, and a better environment for everyone else.

Good Shabbos and Good Luck with the Powerball!


Rabbi Freeman

P.S For a great article I recently came across about Tefillin and doing acts of Judaism click here 

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