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What a Weekend!

Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 - 12:16 pm

Kinnus2.jpgWow! What a weekend! I just came back from a powerful and exhilarating weekend in New York at the International Chabad Shluchim's Conference.

Each year in November and February two amazing conferences take place in NY as thousands of Rabbi's and Jewish Leaders come together in November and thousands of Chabad Shluchos, Rebbiztens and Jewish Leaders come together in February for the International Conferences of Chabad Emissaries.

Over the weekend there are dozens of sessions and workshops that deal with all kinds of issues and topics and thousands of Rabbi's and leaders share ideas to improve and expand Jewish life in their communities. Some of the sessions are in smaller groups, others are in the hundreds and yet others are in the thousands.

Some of the Highlights include meeting friends from over 75 countries and hearing how work in their communities is going, praying on Shabbat with thousands of people in Chabad's Central Synagogue, paying tribute to the leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe at his resting place with thousands of others, a Banquet with almost 5000 participants and many other amazing events.

I will post some of the highlights here in the next few days. 

Below is a 7 second video of the Group Picture being taken. 


Here is the final picture, see if you can spot me.

Kinnus 2011.jpg 

Below is a video of the Keynote address at the Banquet by Chief Rabbi of the UK Lord Sacks

After a roll call of representatives from around the world 5000 people break out in  spontaneous dancing. Check it out below.


 Here is another video

90 Second Interview with Lord Rabbi Sacks after the event

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