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140 Photos & Report of the Sefer Torah Celebration Event

Tuesday, 21 June, 2011 - 11:53 pm

IMG_7515.JPGThis past Sunday June 19th, Sudbury witnessed a truly historic event as a new Sefer Torah Scroll was completed and dedicated at Chabad of Sudbury. The scroll dedicated in memory of Reb Tzvi Hersch Liederman by his granddaughter Elizabeth, was written in Israel and completed at the actual event by participants and family members.

Participants expressed their joy at seeing such a remarkable and special event in Hachnasas Sefer Torah 094.JPGthe heart of Sudbury and being able to show their children and family members the uniqueness of this event. The happiness and joy were rampant as the Torah was marched under a Chuppah up and down Union Ave and in front of Chabad along with live music and much dancing by young and old alike.

The final letters were completed by Elizabeth's grandson Sam Daitch along with scribe Reb Arieh Freeman of London, UK. Many other participants were able to join in the writing of the final letters in honor of family members or in memory of a loved one.

IMG_7625.JPGSam Daitch shared some remarks with his grandmother about their ancestor for whom the Torah was dedicated as well as some interesting life snippets.

Following the final letters, the very first Hagbah was done by Herb Daitch followed by Gelilah by David Kashnow and the placing of the Crown by Ann and Amy Daitch.

A glorious lunch was held following the event and participants spent the time enjoying the special day, great weather and food, and great music and company. 

Torah Reading 015.JPGOn Monday morning a Morning Minyan was held at which the Torah was read from for the very first time by Sam Daitch and Great Great Grandson of Reb Tzvi Hersch Liederman.

Please join us this Saturday June 25th for our first Shabbat Torah reading from the new Torah. 

Reb Tzvi Hersch Liederman was born around the year 1840 in the Eastern European town of Dunaszerdahely (known today as Dunajka Streda, Slovakia). He was a merchant by trade, and earned a reputation as an honest businessman. Once, while on a business trip, he did not have time to return home on Friday, and was forced to spend Shabbat in a foreign city in Romania. At the synagogue on Shabbat morning, Reb Hersch was asked to lead the musaf service. The congregation was so impressed with his singing voice that the president of the synagogue asked him to stay and take a position as cantor. Reb Hersch politely declined, explaining that he is a businessman, not a cantor.

IMG_7390.JPGReb Hersch was known as a pious, generous, and learned man, and he was eventually appointed as leader of the Jewish community. At the synagogue, the Rabbi would announce that the poor in the community, who were in need of food for the upcoming Shabbat, should stop by the Liederman home. In the entranceway to their house, Reb Hersch would leave a bowl of cash, from which the needy could take money to buy wine, Challah, and meat for Shabbat. It was said that nobody ever took more from the bowl than needed.

IMG_7562.JPGReb Tzvi Hersch Liederman married Rickel Abeles, the daughter of a prominent rabbinic family. Together, they had five children: Ida, Henrik, Mary, Lena, and Esther. Today his descendants live in the US, Israel, and Europe. Among his descendants are professional cantors who inherited his admired singing voice. This Sefer Torah is being donated by Reb Hersch's youngest granddaughter, Elisabeth. Although she never met her grandfather, she heard her mother often speak of him with admiration. Elisabeth remembers seeing the beautiful Sefer Torah that her grandfather bought in his own lifetime. Today, she is donating a new Sefer Torah to honor his memory.

Reb Tzvi Hersch Liederman passed away on the 7th day of Pesach 5666 (1906).  

On behalf of Chabad of Sudbury we thank Elizabeth for her generous donation and thank her daughter and son-in-law Ann & Herb Daitch along with grandchildren Sam & Amy Daitch.

A Special thanks also goes to everyone who helped out to make this event the success that it was.

Shayna Freeman - Event Coordinator
Gila Greenberg - Event Planner
Gila Sarousi - Help
Marjorie Dashef - Help
Roberta Brenner - Help
Tiffany Laskin - Help
Leo Laskin - Help
Ed Brookmyer - Help
Robin Brookmyer - Help
Jordan Brookmyer - Help
Rabbi Moshe Lazaros - Help
Shmuel & Kayla Freeman - Help
Menachem & Yocheved Freeman - Help
Arieh & Helen Freeman - Scribe and Help (Lots of it!)
Risa Gruber - Help
Sudbury Police Department
Michael Feldman - Musician
Michael Potash - Videographer
Oded Burger - Photographer
Chanie Fogelman - Help
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