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Kosher & Beyond Course Pictures & Links

Thursday, 15 July, 2010 - 2:39 pm

IMG_1155.JPGDespite it being smack in the middle of a hot summer, the current course Kosher & Beyond has drawn a great crowd for an insightful and intriguing course. The first class of the course focused on the history of permitted and prohibited eating through the perspective of the Torah. This class also covered many of the basic ideas of what is Kosher.

The second class explored a lot of the spiritual meaning of eating in general, Kosher in particular, and provided meaningful insights into many of the specific details of how we keep Kosher. 

IMG_1161.JPGNext Wednesday July 21st the third class of the course will continue with an emphasis on the modern day applications of Kosher in the home and in the food industry.

At the end of the second class there was a healthy and passionate discussion regarding the tradition of Kosher Slaughter (Shechitah) and its ramifications on our own choices of eating.

Below are some helpful links which provide some insight by Jewish and Scientific sources which promote the humane dimension of Kosher Slaughter. Please feel free to share your comments, feedback, or ideas by posting your own comment below the links.

To see more pictures click here 

Links to Shechitah Info

Link 1:  Shechitah Facts http://www.shechitauk.org/faq.html

Link 2:  "A Guide to Shechitah", a great document which explains what Shechitah is all about and also explains its virtues over other methods of slaughter.

Link 3: Physiological Insights into Shechita 

Links to Readings and Learning regarding Kosher Info

www.chabadsudbury.com/kosher  for a wealth of easy to read info and learning

http://ok.org/Content.asp?ID=5 for many insightful articles.

Regarding Kosher Food Blessings 

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