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Some reflections on the war in Israel and helpful links

Thursday, 8 January, 2009 - 12:09 pm

Some reflections on the war in Israel and helpful links
The war in Israel 
It is now well into the second week of the war in Southern Israel, and today Israel was attacked with missiles in the north too. We all know people who are being directly effected by this, either civilians who are running to bomb shelters, or IDF soldiers who are fighting the terrorists on the ground.
This war is not just on the ground, it is in the media, and in the public opinion around the world. 6000 rockets and many other hundreds of attacks over the last few years and not a peep was heard from the UN, hardly a word from so many media outlets, and life continued as normal, as long as Israel conformed to public opinion and didn't defend itself too much.
War is terrible and never good, many innocent lives are being lost and there is much suffering on the ground for too many people. But I firmly believe that if the world leaders, the UN, and the major media outlets would take an unequivocal stand against terrorists and clearly distinguish between right and wrong then the terrorists would find much less support for their actions and in turn it would bring peace to everyone and save many more Israeli and Palestinian lives.
In the meantime we must do all that we can to bring peace and security for Israel.
Spiritually: It is important that try and increase in our good deeds and Mitzvah's, especially with certain Mitzvah's like the laying of Teffilin, saying a prayer, and lighting Shabbat Candles. The Lubavitcher Rebbe always emphasized during times when Israel was faced with threats the unique power of these Mitzvah's and the spiritual blessings of peace and security that they bring.
Public Opinion: We must do what we can to present Israel's moral and just claim against the terrorists, by knowing Israel's side of the story, passing on accurate information, being on top of local media to make sure the truth is being presented, and rallying behind Israel.
I know that in many places around the world, especially in Europe where I am from, and in Venezuela where I lived for a year and a half, there is a lot of public anger, demonstrations, even attacks, and non-stop anti Israel and even anti-Jewish protests. Which is why it is so important that we make sure that your friends, neighbors and communities know the truth and understand the rights and wrongs of this conflict.
Here are some helpful links.
IDF YouTube Channel where you can see how the terrorists fire from Mosques, Schools, Crowds and see how civilians are used as human shields.
Israel's ministry of foreign affairs HERE
Camera, a voice for media honesty HERE
My friend's blog about his brother-in-law in Gaza HERE
Wall Street Journal OP ED by Rabbi Marvin Hier HERE
At the Chabad Center we are launching a new monthly Tefillin club in response to this (more info is available below), and tonight we are packing packages for kids in Southern Israel to help them as go through this difficult period.
I conclude with the hope that we see a quick end to this war so that Israel and everyone else can live with REAL peace and security.
Shabbat Shalom
Yisroel Freeman
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Comments on: Some reflections on the war in Israel and helpful links

Olga Lepsky wrote...

Dear Isroel,

Thank you very much for this article and posting the useful links.
I frequently listen to NPR coverage of the events and wanted to report that NPR is very biased towards Hamas and does not present all sides of the story. Since the beginning of Israeli ground operation NPR was broadcasting reports from Gaza about hardships of Gazans with comments of journalists from Gaza, but there were no reports at all from South Israel Towns or comments from Israeli journalists/officials/common people.