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Hebrew School Gradution Report & Pictures

Monday, 2 June, 2008 - 12:05 am

Hebrew School Gradution Report

The students and families of the Hebrew School of the Chabad Center of Sudbury enjoyed themselves at a great Hebrew School Graduation Program. The graduation ceremony included multiple presentations of art, drama and music by the students based on topics they had learned during the year, a jeopardy game created and run by student Ilana Kleynerman, and a delicious brunch.
During the event certificates of recognition and prizes were presented to the students for their accomplishments of the academic year. Parents expressed their appreciation for the tremendous Hebrew School and told of the pleasure and excitement that the students express regarding their studies and activities at the Hebrew School.
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Some testimonial letters from some of the parents are posted below.


Dear Shayna,

Thank you very much for your great teaching this year and for organizing such a  wonderful Hebrew School graduation. The children enjoyed singing and showing the letters, all of them knew the words and melody of the songs, the jeopardy game at the end was fun and educational. 

We found it very thoughtful that each kid made his/her individual presentation, each - different from others, and felt very special. Awarding certificates after counting the score from the jeopardy game gave everyone a happy feeling. And the refreshments at the end were delicious - big thanks to everyone who brought them.

That was the best graduation ceremony that we have attended so far.

Hope you have a restful summer,
Olga and Gregory Lepsky.



Dear Shayna

My children had a terrific year at Hebrew school. The warm and friendly environment and small classes created a home atmosphere, where children always felt welcome. The teacher always gave recognition to the children's accomplishments by giving them medals and always kept them motivated. When they finished one level book they were excited to work even harder on the next level, and thus they were always motivated to do more. Thank you very much for a great year!

An admiring parent

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