New 3 week Parsha series

Thursday, 10 March, 2011 - 10:35 am




New 3 week Parsha series at our new weekly Torah Study Group
Learn, Schmooze, and Nosh
Delve into the Torah portion of the week. Discover its relevance to you, your life, and your week. Join us for an inspiring weekly discussion on the Torah portion which will include exciting and captivating insights into the Parsha from the mystic, ancient, and modern commentaries.
Relaxing, stimulating, and thought provoking!
Thursday Jan 15th 8pm
Parshat Shemot: A look at the beginning of Jewish life in Egypt, Moses as youngster, and the beginnings of persecution.
Thursday Jan 22nd 7:30pm
Parshat Vaera: The beginning of the plagues and the reaction of the Jewish people.
Thursday Jan 29th 7:30pm
Parshat Bo: The last of the plagues, the big escape, did Pharaoh have free choice, and what does this have to with us?
To RSVP or for more info please call 978-443-0110 or email [email protected]
All classes will take place at the Chabad Center of Sudbury, 22 Union Ave #9 Sudbury, MA 01776



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