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The Sukkah & Its Message are Up


The High Holiday Tent is down and the Community Sukkah is up!

The inspiration, meaning and joy from the tent is being transferred to the Sukkah....

Yes a little more exposed to the elements (although G-d willing we will have great weather next week), but it is a reminder of the spiritual embrace that the Sukkah represents, and the message that its temporary walls and roof carry, that despite the fragile dynamics of our lives and history, we have who to rely on to help us succeed and power on.

The Sukkah, also represents a simple and fragile structure that can bring together so many under its roof, in rain or shine, all under the elements and indeed G-d's blessings at the same time.

Indeed the theme of Unity w… Read More »



Partner with us to strengthen and brighten Lives and the Community

5784 has just begun and it is already a year bursting with tremendous potential. Many hundreds of individuals and families have participated in a Chabad Sudbury program just in these first few days of the year, whether at High Holiday Services, visits to the local Nursing Homes, Tashlich for the crowd of hundreds, the Rosh Hashanah Dinner, Hebrew School or so many other venues and programs. Together they have helped set the tone for what will surely be a beautiful, productive and growth oriented year.

Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year is just days away and of course as it approaches we will be all be reflecting, pra… Read More »

Yom Kippur Recap & Thank You

 Thank you to the hundreds of you who joined us over Yom Kippur for the different services and programs!

Ending Yom Kippur surrounded by a huge crowd and a packed tent of adults, teens and children, and singing a joyous melody followed by blowing the Shofar with the hopes and aspirations of everyone in the air, was a powerful way to end a very wet but very inspirational Yom Kippur.

Yes, the rain didn't stop coming down for 25 hours, but the inside of the tent warmed up and stayed dry, especially at the many times that it was full.

A big thank you to Shmuel Freeman for helping lead the services, to Chana, Risa and the other teens who helped run the Children's Services.

To Signal 88 of New England for pr… Read More »

Getting in the Yom Kippur Mode


Last night I spent 3 hours in NY doing some preparations for Yom Kippur & Sukkot and stopping to pray in 770, the Chabad Headquarters and at the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Resting place, the Ohel, in Queens.

The streets were packed with thousands of people, as guests from all over the world ran around preparing to celebrate the upcoming Holidays. Music filled the air, people were carrying newly purchased Lulav & Etrogs or the occasional Sukkah Kit, and it all went along with the smell of fresh Challah and Rugelach that was wafting through the streets. Alongside this, numerous encounters were happening on the street as people were seeing friends for the first time in a year or sometimes years, and conversations were … Read More »

Hebrew School off to a great start!


Hebrew School got off to an awesome start this past Sunday as dozens of returning students and multiple new students, started the new academic year with some learning and fun. The students learned all about Rosh Hashanah and then had a fun and interactive set of activities which made for a great way to start off the New Year!

You can see dozens of pictures over here.

It is not too late to sign up. More info at

Shana Tova Greetings


In these final hours of 5783, we wish you and yours a Shana Tova U'Metuka and a year of health, happiness, meaning and success.

May our prayers on this important day, help usher in the year of 5784 that will bring with it the blessings of peace and unity  for all  mankind,  an end to wars and conflict, health and prosperity for all, peace and a year of blessings in the Land of Israel, and a year of growth and strengthening of Judaism for each one of us and our communities.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who help make the work of the Chabad Center of Sudbury a success and are helping build community and touch lives, through your encouragement, participation, suppo… Read More »

"If it doesn't Challenge You, it won't Change You"

 20230911_081902.jpg"If it isn't challenging, you won't change" reads a poster in my daughter's school that caught my attention. 

It is an important idea that is relevant to all our children as they start another academic year, and one that is easily overlooked, as we sometimes seek to make life as smooth as possible for our children.

Helping children understand, that challenges and difficulties aren't always something to run away from, but instead are opportunities for growth, is something that takes effort and diligence to convey.

Truth to be told, we don't stop growing and developing once we leave school. Instead, life is a continuous cycle of learning, growth and development that continues throughout our adulthood.

Several yea… Read More »

The First Word of the Day


If you conducted a study to find out the first word that people say each day, you would probably get billions of answers. In Judaism you may get a more typical answer, as there are actually meaningful traditions that begin from the moment we open our eyes each morning and continue all the way until we close our eyes at night and beyond, including what we start of our day saying.

With this in mind, the sages gave us a tradition to begin each day with a short little sentence that says thank you to G-d for restoring my soul and giving me another day.

This sentence is known as the Modeh Ani prayer, with the word "Modeh" which means "Thankful" which is then followed by "Ani" which means "I&q… Read More »

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