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Never Forget & Never Stop Being a Beacon of Light

Yesterday I visited a business whose services I use from time to time, which I hadn't visited in at least three months. When I entered their first words were "how are you and your family doing during these challenging times and how are your loved ones and friends in Israel all doing"?

I started talking to them and we ended up speaking for less than five minutes, and then I looked at all three of these people, two women and one man of different backgrounds, and they all had tears in their eyes and they were all crying as I was speaking and telling them what had been happening. They then said, "we are of a different faith than you, but know that we are praying for Israel and the Jewish people and we stand with y… Read More »


Rena 1.jpgToday we escorted our dear friend, Rena Finder, on her final journey at her funeral at Temple Beth Shalom in Framingham.

Rena was a dear friend who was someone we admired and respected, and we will miss her and her genuine smile and friendliness, and the special person that she was.
Rena was one of the youngest survivors of Schindler's List and for the last few decades she would lecture extensively about her experiences in the Holocaust to school children, college kids and so many others, through the Facing History Project with which she had such a significant role.
Rena was prompted to take on this role, when she started hearing about Holocaust Denial, and made it part of her life mission, in addition to raising and loving her… Read More »

New Course "Advice for Life"


Join us for our new course "Advice for Life": The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Guidance for Leading a More Purposeful LifeMuch has been written about the impact of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schnersohn, on the global Jewish community, and indeed on the wider public. National Education Day in America is dedicated in honor of the Rebbe's work on behalf of education and the Rebbe would meet with political leaders, laymen and so many others from across a huge spectrum of the population.

In the new course "Advice for Life", we will be exploring the Rebbe's approach and guidance to life, which impacted so many and has helped influence the journey of Judaism in the 21st Century.

In this course, we will explore … Read More »

Thank you to over 200 Donors we are at 92% of our Celebrating Chai Fundraiser / Help us to the Finish Line!


Thanks to over 200 Donors, we managed to raise 92% of our Goal in the Celebrating Chai Fundraiser. We are tremendously grateful to each and every one of you and all of the beautiful heartwarming notes and messages that come along with each donation. It takes a community and we are grateful for the tremendous support which everyone provides to help us work together to build a stronger Jewish future for the Sudbury area.

A huge thank you to our principle matchers Richard & Gabrielle Henken for their tremendous generosity and support in making this fundraiser a success.

A big thank you to Charles & Jill Katz for their support as matchers for this project and their assistance throughout the year!

Please help us get to th… Read More »

Crying, Tears & Israel & Joseph


How often do you cry?

Did you shed tears since Oct 7th?

How many tears I have only seen and heard over the last few months....  and not all of the tears were the tears of others....

Painful situations, cause us grief and bring emotions that can overwhelm us, and we cry in pain and in grief. Sometimes, it is the opposite and it is joy that causes us to cry as we shed tears of joy from an uplifting and powerful moment.

I remember when we told our four oldest children that they were going to have a new sibling, and some of them cried tears of joy, as their faces filled with joy, yet their eyes welled up with tears, as they celebrated that special moment.

Indeed in the line of my work, I see and hear tears and t… Read More »

Chanukah Report & Photos 2023



Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who joined us over Chanukah for the multitude of programs, events and services.

Seeing hundreds of people at the Sudbury Town Center, the dozens in Marlborough Ciy Center, the seniors singing and laughing, the teens celebrating with joy and pride, and tons of children celebrating this holiday with so much joy and smiles, was truly uplifting, inspiring and greatly needed during this challenging time.

At a time when antisemitism is up a… Read More »

What an Awesome Start to Chanukah 2023


Thank you to the hundreds of people from across the community who joined us this evening for the Community Menorah Lighting & Chanukah Celebration!

It was truly heartwarming, inspiring and encouraging to see so many of you on a cold and frigid night, but with a determination and passion to shine and enjoy the light of Chanukah!

Thank you to the Town of Sudbury leadership, including the Town Manager, the members of the Select Board, State Rep Carmine Gentile, and Chief Nix for your words and messages.

We live in a great town and community, with wonderful leadership who have a true sense of care and understanding.

Seeing and hearing from so many people who weren't from the Jewish community, who told us that they… Read More »

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