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Mazal Tov to the Cheron & Barnett Families on their Bat & Bar Mitzvah Celebrations for their Children


On behalf of the Chabad Center of Sudbury we would like to extend a hearty Mazal Tov to two of our students and their families who just celebrated their Bar & Bat Mitzvahs at Chabad of Sudbury.

Mazal Tov to Greyson Barnett on his Bar Mitzvah and Mazal Tov to his dear parents Jim & Annette Barnett and to his grandparents and relatives. It was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony and Greyson made us all so proud. May Greyson continue to grow from strength to strength in his journey forward and with his responsibilities as a Jewish adult.

Mazal Tov to Emma Cheron on her Bat Mitzvah which took place this past week, and Mazal Tov to his dear parents Josh & Jen and to her grandparents and relatives wh… Read More »

It is a Journey that started thousands of years ago but we are creating new paths forward!

Yesterday, I virtually participated in a Chuppah Wedding Ceremony in Israel for a wedding that was supposed to take place two weeks ago. The groom was a combat officer in a reservist unit, and had been called to the front so the wedding was postponed. Yet when I spoke to them two days ago, they had just received word that the groom was being given off 48 hours to get married.

Watching the ceremony which included many moving songs, tears and prayers, and watching the bride enjoy her Chatan, who is now already back at the front, was extremely moving and powerful, and it was a bright light in the middle of a challenging moment.

It is now, when the darkness and hatred are in the streets, universities and cities of our country, and of cour… Read More »

In Terrible Pain, But Strong & Marching Forward

 In Terrible Pain, But Strong & Marching Forward

An hour doesn’t go by without me speaking with another person locally or in Israel, who lost a relative, a close friend, or their children’s close friend.

Everyone is broken hearted and devastated as the scope of this horrific tragedy and massacre becomes more apparent and known. Each one of the 1300+ victims represent a whole world and leave behind, siblings, parents, children, spouses, dozens of friends and so much more.

It is evil to the ultimate degree…. 

At the same time many hundreds of thousands of people have been called up to help end this terrible evil. We know countless friends or children of friends who are now on the front lines and we are … Read More »

Staying Positive During Challenging Times

It has been another week of pain and challenging emotions for all of us and it is impacting us all in a very deep way.

Yet, at the same time, Jewish life must go on, children must carry on learning, teens must carry on celebrating their Judaism, and adults must carry on getting together to study, talk, pray and so much more, all while we do all we can to help our brethren during this difficult hour.

It is these moments, which may be short at times, which will give us back our inner space and inner peace, and help provide us with the clarity and strength we need to navigate these difficult days and weeks.

Antisemitism has started rearing its ugly head once again, and the silence by some is deafening, yet at the same time, we are seeing th… Read More »

Sukkot Recap


It has been non stop joy this Sukkos, as events, programs, parties and services followed each other one after another.

From the joyous daily services, to the dozens of people who stopped in to shake the Lulav & Etrog, to the nearly 70 adults who joined us for Sushi in the Sukkah, the kids who enjoyed the Sukkot bash, the dozens of teens who joined us for the CTeen Kickoff Event and so many other fun events, the joy and happiness which is a central theme of this holiday, was very apparent and obvious.

The sense of community, unity, gratitude and appreciating life's blessings were a central theme of all these events.

You can see lots of amazing pictures of these events in the links below.

Sushi in the Sukkah Pictures
Sukkot K… Read More »

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