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Spreading Wings & Flying Forward

On Sunday night we sat in the audience and watched our daughter Chana deliver a beautiful short speech at her High School Graduation in Brooklyn. Seated with dozens of her classmates, all beaming with pride and enjoying this tremendous milestone, we couldn't help but be so happy and grateful for this moment.

Seeing dozens of eighteen year old students successfully graduate as kind, moral and good people, isn't something small. Each one of them has had a journey of their own, and have certainly had their own share of bumps, humps and obstacles along the way. Yet they grew, became stronger and formed lifetime friendships with one another, that will continue to be a part of their journey forward for years to come.

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He Still Remembered the Song


This afternoon at a pre Shabbat program at a local nursing home I was joined by several residents and their caregivers or family members.

One of the gentlemen has a very distinguished academic background and has written hundreds of academic papers and delivered keynote lectures around the world. Yet unfortunately dementia has caught up with him, and he is unable to talk coherently and switches between the seven languages that he speaks nearly every other word. Yet as I have seen so many times and in so many settings, music and specifically emotional and spiritual music, has a deep and profound effect and as it touches the heartstrings of the heart and the deepest recesses of the mind.

I watched the man’s lips along with his … Read More »

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