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Chanukah Recap & Photos


It has been a truly incredible Chanukah so far as hundreds of people have joined for so many fun and meaningful Chanukah Celebrations.

Seniors in six different local Assisted Living & Nursing Homes enjoyed Chanukah programs through the Chabad Center of Sudbury.

Seeing the seniors light up with joy, as we lit the Menorah, sang songs, enjoyed Latkes and celebrated Chanukah, was truly special.

Teens enjoyed a fun Chanukah Party Bus to Boston and met up with other teens from Newton, and the Hebrew School students enjoyed a special day of Chanukah Fun.

We held a beautiful Chanukah Kickoff Celebration in Sudbury on Sunday, another big one in the Town Center on Tuesday evening and a fun one in Marlborough City Center on Monday… Read More »

Raid on Entebbe Photos & Report



At one point near the end of his powerful story, Rami turned to the crowd and asked a rhetorical question, "everyone knows the story, everyone has seen the movies and everyone has read the books, so what is it that pulls everyone together even on such a snowy night with dangerous road conditions, to hear this specific story?".

He then asked one lady in the front of the room what does she think. Debbie who had come all the way from Newton responded, "I am named after my grandmother who didn't survive the Holocaust as did none of my other grandparents, and nothing in the world would stop me driving even an hour in the snow, to meet someone like you who flew 4000 km to sav… Read More »

Who will win the World Cup?


Despite living in America for many years and wishing the American Soccer team well, deep in my heart, I am routing for England.

I remember as a child, sitting with my grandfather watching the famous 1986 World Cup Final between Argentina and England and watching Maradona score a goal with his hand (which in England we still don't accept). I remember how upset my grandfather was or at least he put on a show for us, and we too were not all that happy with the results.

Either way, growing up in England, you can't help but take in a bit of the soccer fever.

Soccer is a game where there is little time to rest and relax, and for most of the time the players are running up and down the field as the ball is passed from one player to anot… Read More »

Thanksgiving Project Report


Thank you to all of the volunteers, both pictured and not pictured who came out before Thanksgiving to deliver almost 100 Thanksgiving Dinners to local homebound seniors and others!

Thank you for helping brightening the Thanksgiving Holiday of so many!

Thank you again to Dushez Kosher Catering for the dinners and to the Teens of CTeen Sudbury who helped make some extra desserts and wrote beautiful letters!

Of course a huge thank you to everyone who helped generously to sponsor the project and helped make it happen. It wouldn't have happened without you!

The Feedback & Messages we have received in appreciation has been heartwarming and we are grateful to everyone who helped make it happen.

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