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An 80 Year Old Mah Nishtana and it's Timeless Message


I had many meaningful and uplifting encounters this week with lots of different people as I drove around paying pre Passover house visits to people across the area. One of the most memorable encounters took place in the middle of the week, when I visited Izzy, who spoke for us a number of years ago about his Holocaust experiences.

As I stood there at the bottom of his steps, Izzy stood at the top of his stairway behind his mask, and reminisced about Passover memories in his childhood town of Slonim, Belaraus. At one point, Izzy sang for me the Mah Nishtana (the Four Questions) with the traditional melody of Eastern European Jews, and a unique Slonim touch.

Izzy began the Four Questions with the Yiddish introduction “Tate, … Read More »

Happy 80th Birthday Hadaasa Kubat!


Happy Birthday Hadassa Kubat ! Our oldest class of Hebrew School walked over to Hadassa Kubat's house and joined...

Posted by Yisroel Freeman on Sunday, March 7, 2021

Thawing Lakes & Spring

Earlier this week as the weather improved, I took a refreshing walk on Pelham Island Road in Sudbury and soaked up the sunny rays and crisp and fresh air. The sky was as blue as it gets, and the sun was beating down on the lake trying as hard as it could to thaw the ice that covered nearly the entire lake.

The branches were still bare, dry and dead leaves covered the floor along with some piles of snow and ice that were still in abundance, and occasionally the mud squelched beneath our feet. Yet there was no doubt about it, Spring was getting ready to make a comeback and the warmth and the season of growth is just around the corner.
As I looked upon the lake, I noticed that the surface of the water nearest to the shore, was already … Read More »

In Memory of "Bubby" Margaret Plotke Z"L

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-05 at 1.37.27 PM.jpegIn loving memory of our family's Bubby & Alte Bubby, Margaret Plotke (Esther Malka Bat Shmuel Aharon Z"L)

Yesterday, Shayna's Bubby and our children's great grandmother returned her soul to her Creator, in the company of her loving family, just two weeks after her 90th birthday.
Bubby was an incredible mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and a loving and doting matriarch to her beautiful tribe of 4 children, 21 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren KA"H.
In the nineteen years that I knew her and during our many visits to California to visit her or on her many visits to Sudbury, I don't recall her ever saying a negative word about another human being or for that matter complaining about anything. Instead B… Read More »
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