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Do Trees Really Grow in the Winter?

Yesterday we celebrated Tu B'Shevat (15th of Shevat), the Jewish New Year for the Trees.

Yes you heard right, smack in the middle of the Winter we are celebrating a new year for the trees.

The Talmud explains that the reason for this celebration, is to mark four months into the rainy season in the Land of Israel, and the beginning of the season of growth.

Although things may actually only start to visibly grow when the Spring actually starts, the Talmud states that we mark the time in the year, since the nutrients and water have fully saturated the ground, and the process of growth can begin to happen once again.

Indeed, according to modern research, tree roots can continue to grow at a slow pace even during the height of… Read More »

Social Media Took Me Down


I  guess I am like many others and Social Media took me down.

Well not quite shut down, but yes, its influences were making me feel down. Too much anger, hate, bickering and more, were all having an effect on me, and tremendously amplifying how I feel about the current tensions and negativity that are out there.

Now to be clear, I think that Social Media tools are a great way for staying in touch with people from far and near, sharing joyful and positive things, and sometimes an important personal or communal moment. The platforms are obviously tools that can have a tremendous impact on being able to bring people together and rally people for an event, for a holiday or to come together to cause something good to happen. Perso… Read More »

Where Now?

 At 3:58pm on Wednesday afternoon a Holocaust Survivor phoned me to tell me how unnerved she is by what she was seeing unfolding live on TV. In the minutes that followed, I started to receive multiple texts and calls from concerned people as they watched the terrible events happening in DC with an unknown path of where this would end. Like them I followed the actions with trepidation and concern, as my stomach churned and I prayed for a peaceful and calm outcome.

For the second time in the space of a few months, the country was being rocked by dramatic and concerning events, and it seemed like the very foundations of our democracy and society were shaking wildly in the wind.

I am not a political commentator and seek to stay as far aw… Read More »

Tattered Books & an Inspiring Message

WHAT I DISCOVERED IN THE OLD BOOKS IN MY BASEMENT These books that survived the Holocaust in Poland and were retrieved...

Posted by Yisroel Freeman on Friday, January 1, 2021
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