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The Gift of Free Choice

Untitled design (2).pngOne of the greatest gifts that we have been endowed with as human beings is "Free Choice". Free choice means that each and every action that we choose to do is fully guided by our choice alone and not simply part of our destiny or the way we were made. Free choice means that when we choose to do good, it has a special unique value to it, as we could have easily have chosen to do the opposite, yet instead we chose the better option.

Certainly free choice also brings with it the potential to make bad mistakes and immoral choices. Yet the good wouldn't be special or meaningful, if there wasn't another way to choose from besides good. So ultimately the ability to choose also means the ability to bring positive change to the… Read More »

Why do we Eat?

Untitled design (3).pngDid you know that in a study done in the US it was found that an average American spends 67 minutes per day eating and drinking beverages as part of their daily meals. When you include snacking time and drinking time while doing other activities that number is almost doubled. This does not include time spent on buying food, planning what to make and preparing food, taking selfies and more which could easily add another hour or two to the amount of hours spent on food consumption.

Either way it is fair to say that as human beings a big chunk of our day is spent nurturing ourselves and making sure we have the right food and nutrition to have energy and be healthy. Obviously as human beings we need to eat and do it right so that we are… Read More »

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