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The Happiest Day on the Jewish Calendar

Canva - Happy Young Woman on Spring Field.jpgDid you know that the saddest day and happiest day on the Jewish Calendar are within days of each other? And no it is not Purim or Chanukah….

Yesterday Jewish communities around the world observed the day of Tisha (9th of Av) B’Av, the day when both holy temples were destroyed in Jerusalem thousands of years ago and a day when many other terrible tragedies happened in the Jewish calendar. This day is considered the saddest day on the Jewish calendar since so many huge tragedies happened on this day which altered the course of history for the Jewish people and radically changed the way people connected with G-d and for that matter with each other.

On this day, besides the Temples being destroyed and many people being killed… Read More »

Lost or Gained in Translation

Canva - Biblical Hebrew.jpgSir Issac Newton is known for many things including his research in calculus and in the field of universal gravity. Yet a lesser known side of Newton is that he intensely studied the Hebrew language so that he could study the Torah in its original form and understand it properly without relying on translations that he felt were at times questionable and not so accurate.

Alongside that, Newton had a deep interest in the concept of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and what that meant on many levels. Newton left many manuscripts that dealt with these ideas and many of those are now in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Newton's search for a true and accurate translation was certainly not the first by an outside scholar. The Talmud tells us of a… Read More »

Are we making progress?

Highways.jpgSometimes it might seem that as a society we might be slipping backwards and losing parts of our values and accomplishments that have taken so long to achieve. Sometimes it may appear that we are simply treading water and going around in circles and then there are the moments when we feel like we are actually making progress and advancing towards growth and positive change in society.

What is true in the macro dimension is true in the micro aspects too. Sometimes we might feel that personally we are slipping backwards from who we ought to be, sometimes we are simply stagnating and not making any positive changes in who we need to be and sometimes we feel a surge of joy as we make progress and move forward in doing good and achieving what… Read More »

Did I miss my trip to Israel?

20170720_144936.jpgMany people are dealing with vacations and travel plans that were canceled or rescheduled. There are people that I know who had trips to Israel, Europe, Australia and cruises and more that were planned and have since canceled.

Imagine if I were to tell people, just envision in your mind that you are in your vacation spot and enjoy the experience. I am sure for most people it wouldn't quite work, as the experience of a vacation is to actually be in a different place and enjoy the visuals, the relaxation, the new state of mind and the benefits of what the place has to offer.

Personally I had high hopes of visiting the UK this summer and seeing my parents and maybe being able to do a quick check in and visit Israel, but oh well, I will just… Read More »

A Covid Era Bar Mitzvah Wish

Canva - Jewish dawn prayer.jpgThis week the parents of one of my Bar Mitzvah students who have had to revise and reschedule long planned Bar Mitzvahs, asked their son what he would like to do on his upcoming 13th birthday to make the day itself special. They told me that offered him various fun activities and options, but instead he responded that what he wants to do on that day, is to go to Chabad and wrap Tefillin for the first time in his life.

When I heard that, I was overjoyed and very touched on many levels and I will explain why.

I know it has been challenging for the record amount of Bar & Bat Mitzvah students that we have during 2020 as their Bar & Bat Mitzvahs that they had planned for so long, have to be rescheduled, altered and re-planned. Big… Read More »

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