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"Don't lose sight of the Forest for the Trees"

IMG_3116.JPG"Don't lose sight of the Forest for the Trees" is an age old saying which means that sometimes we get so caught up in the details of life (the trees), that we forget to see the bigger picture (the forest).

I was thinking of this quote as I stood on the top of Tipling Rock yesterday with my five children after a beautiful hike up to the top. We surveyed the beautiful view of tens of thousands of trees, three skyscrapers in Boston and miles and miles of greenery in which it appeared no one seemed to live, as the treetops obscured the sight of any houses and people that may be living in the area.

Suddenly, one of my children yells to me from the top of the rock, "Tatty, look there, I can see the Chabad House". First I… Read More »


mika-zt5SZc8YOZU-unsplash.jpgToday the sirens went off in Israel as millions of Israelis remembered the Six Million victims of the Shoah (on the anniversary of the conclusion of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising). My Facebook feed is full of pictures and memories of families remembering their loved ones who were murdered or survived the Holocaust and it makes me think about all the special Holocaust survivors that I am blessed to have had or have a relationship with. Each Holocaust survivor is a spiritual giant and hero, as they literally climbed out of the ashes to build a new world, to build new families and to carrying on living and carrying forward the Jewish values and beliefs of generations before them.

I remember Irving from my old Synagogue in Yonkers, who had grown… Read More »

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