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Coronavirus Community Response from the Chabad Center of Sudbury

We hope you are all doing well and handling all of the changes okay. In this email we would like to provide a short update to our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and also to provide some updates as to what is happening at Chabad or through Chabad during these times.

Bright Notes

Since this challenge has started we have shifted our classes and events to an online virtual format. So far we have had three sessions with dozens of our Hebrew School Parents, multiple Classes which have been well attended, lots of individual meetings and learning via Zoom, and Pre Shabbat Kabbalat Shabbat Meetup & Prayer Services. 

Community Help & Response

As a community we must be both responsible and ensure Social Distancing to protect… Read More »

Congratulations Mikhal Shvartzman 1st Place Winner in the JEWQ Competition

JEWQ Champion.pngCongratulations to Mikhal Shvartzman, a student in our Hebrew School on such an amazing accomplishment and for winning 1st place in this amazing competition with Hebrew Schools from across the country and beyond! All your hard work and study in your free time was an inspiration to all of us!

Congratulations to all of our other finalists, Harry Barnett, Anna Dayn, Ethan Sonnenberg & Leah Klebanov for all of their hard work and tremendous accomplishments in their free time.

Finally Congratulations to all of the other students in Hebrew School who worked hard and learned so much new knowledge about Judaism in their own time after Hebrew School! You are all winners and an inspiration to all of… Read More »


Canva - F018_7356.jpgI have friends in the ICU on ventilators, I have friends who have parents in the ICU and know many dozens of people with the virus. Perhaps it is because we are so connected to the community in NY or perhaps because we live in a very big global community, the news this week has been challenging

With the amount of info out there regarding the Coronavirus and the multiple updates each day of more and more cases of people that we know who have been confirmed to have the Coronavirus, it can be challenging to create and maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere in one's home and environment. The constant news, numbers and ongoing dramatic changes can all have their impact and toll.

This week as the news only got more difficult as multiple… Read More »

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