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Morality, subjective or objective?

Morality.jpgMorality through the ages often seems to shift, with ideas and behaviors fluctuating between being considered the norm or being considered immoral. One needn't travel to far back in time to discover social behaviors which were acceptable and commonplace, which are now considered totally unacceptable and immoral. Thousands of years ago, child sacrifice, gladiator fights, and the like, were all a normal part of life in many cultures. Care and compassion on a society level were not the norm in most cultures.

Yet slowly overtime humanity has steadily evolved and become better, more caring, and given greater value and importance to so many areas of improving human behavior.

It might seem that morality is subjective based on the time frame of … Read More »

2000 Year Old Date Palms Come to Life in Israel

Canva - Plantation of date palms.jpgThe seeds were sitting in archaeological ruins in Masada & Qumran for close to 2,000 years, buried in rubble, broken shards of pottery or just covered with desert sand. Long since forgotten about, with dozens of generations coming and going, the seeds of these date Palms, a fruit that is one of the seven fruits that Israel is blessed with in the Torah, were just organic matter which hadn’t yet decomposed.

Then Dr. Sarah Sallon came along and did an experiment and managed to take one of these Date Palm seeds in 2005 and germinate it and help it grow into a tree, and they named it Methushelach. Since then Dr. Sallon and her team have managed to get several more Date Palms to grow from these 2,000 year old seeds, and now the first t… Read More »

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