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A 2020 Reflection

 2020 will no doubt be remembered as a year of great challenges and pain which has impacted everyone in different ways, some a lot more than others. Of course, it was also a time when good continued to happen in so many ways, when we saw a vaccine produced in the fastest ever time frames and when we witnessed humanity collaborating like never before to save lives.

On a local level, the dynamics were very similar with many experiencing tremendous challenges, some more than others, yet at the same time the spirit of community, care and compassion was present like never before.

With this in mind, we would like to say thank you to the 396 families and individuals who helped support the crucial work of Chabad of Sudbury in 2020,… Read More »

Chanukah 2020 Report & Photos

 It has truly been an amazing 8 nights of light and joy as we celebrated Chanukah and lit up the area with the beautiful and uplifting message of Chanukah.

Some of the highlights were definitely the Car Menorah Parade with almost 40 cars on Sunday. The parade which drive through Sudbury, Route 20 and North and South Sudbury, brought Chanukah Holiday cheer and joy to many onlookers and passersby as well as to the participants themselves. 

Following the parade, the cars joined many others for an outdoor socially distant Chanukah Menorah Lighting and amazing show by Benjamin the Juggling Clown. Despite the cold and the masks, everyone had a great and joyous time as they enjoyed the festivities and celebrations along with … Read More »

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