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Mazal Tov Anna Dayn

 Mazal Tov to Anna Dayn on her beautiful Bat Mitzvah last weekend at Chabad of Sudbury. Anna had a beautiful ceremony in the outdoor tent with family and friends as she marked this special day of celebrating Jewish adulthood and its responsibilities. 

We extend a big heartfelt Mazal Tov to Anna, her parents and grandparents and wish her continued blessings and success on her journey forward.

Overcoming the Waves of Stress & Anxiety


Debates, School Closings, Covid-19 upticks, Economic Uncertainties and the list goes on…

I don't think I had a single meaningful conversation this week that didn't drift towards people's concerns about the current political climate, economic uncertainties and the challenges of Covid-19.  There is no doubt that all of the concerns and emotions that people are currently feeling and experiencing are real and can be genuinely overwhelming and disturbing. At times these pressures might consume us as they chip away at our inner core and quash our ability to be positive, to focus on what is important and meaningful and to actually do Mitzvot and good deeds.

Yet 2020 is definitely not the first time, humanity has… Read More »

Mazal Tov to the Lokshin & Kashper Families

 Mazal Tov to Yasha & Kolya Lokshin on their beautiful Bar Mitzvah this past Sunday at Chabad of Sudbury & Mazal Tov to Nathan Kashper on his Bar Mitzvah which took place this past Monday.

The three boys both read beautifully and delivered meaningful Dvar Torahs at their services. Despite the challenges of a Bar Mitzvah during this time period, all the boys managed to have beautiful and joyous Bar Mitzvah ceremonies while adhering to social distancing and masks.

The large tent and stunning outdoor Fall setting of the Chabad Center added a lot to the ambience of these special Bar Mitzvahs.

We extend a big heartfelt Mazal Tov to the boys and their families and wish them all continued success and growth and… Read More »

Lost in a Corn Maze & the Lessons we learned

 Last week in the middle of Sukkot we went on a family trip to a farm in Thompson, Connecticut, which among other things has a huge corn maze. I was in awe when we arrived and saw the size of the maze and all the kids were quickly ready and excited for the challenge.

We entered the maze, but quickly discovered that the corn stalks which were eight feet tall and very thick, all looked the same once you were inside and it was actually more challenging than we had anticipated. Of course we didn’t give up and we worked together and tried not to separate so that we could figure out the various challenges along the paths and also make progress and get where we needed to.

At one point after a lot of progress, we suddenly seemed to be… Read More »

Mazal Tov Harry Barnett & Ben Zislin

 Mazal Tov to Harry Barnett & Ben Zislin on your wonderful Bar Mitzvah ceremonies which were held earlier in the week at Chabad of Sudbury.

The two beautiful Bar Mitzvah services were held yesterday morning and again yesterday afternoon and managed to be meaningful and very special even as we adhered to social distancing and masks. The large tent and stunning outdoor Fall setting of the Chabad Center added a lot to the ambience of these special Bar Mitzvahs.

Both boys donned Tefillin, read their prayers and Torah readings really well and gave beautiful and meaningful Dvar Torah's.

We extend a big heartfelt Mazal Tov to both of you and to your dear parents James & Annette Barnett & Leonoid Zislin and Elina Uraiev and to… Read More »

Sukkot Recap

 Sukkot is truly a holiday of joy and despite the many challenges this year, thank G-d, Sukkot has been a meaningful and joyful experience. We thank so many of you who have joined us over the holiday, stopped by the Sukkah, helped put up the Sukkah, came to shake the Lulav, joined outdoor services and of course to those who were able to join the fun family Sukkot event on Monday and the Sushi & Klezmer in the Sukkah event last night. It was also great stopping by the houses of so many of you and bringing the joy of the Lulav and Etrog to your homes.

Everything was done with social distancing and masks and outdoors and we feel grateful that we were able to continue to make sure Sukkot was a very joyous experience as well as a… Read More »

The Holocaust Survivor & the Story of my Esrog Box

20201002_134635.jpgEvery year at this time of year I take out a very beautiful velvet red Esrog box and gently place my new Esrog inside it for the times we are not using it during Sukkos. As I look at the Esrog box, besides loving how it looks and it making me appreciate the Mitzvah of Lulav and Esrog, I am also reminded of how it was gifted to me and the story of the special person who gave it.

You see each Sukkot I visit the local nursing homes and help the residents celebrate the holiday. About nine years ago, I became close with a very special resident at the Wingate at Sudbury, Elizabeth Stern. Elizabeth was a Holocaust survivor from Hungary who had experienced a lot of pain and loss in the Holocaust, and used to often speak of these experiences with… Read More »

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