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Think Before You Eat?


"Think before you Speak" is a commonly known concept which makes a lot of sense and can help you deliver clear messages to others you are communicating with and not get your foot stuck in your mouth. But have you ever heard of the concept of "Think Before You Eat"?

Well Judaism actually has a lot to say about this and considers it to be a critical component of healthy living.

Why would you think before you eat, and what would you even be thinking about?

The truth is, that the origins of this concept, don't begin with thinking before eating, but with thinking after eating, as it states in Torah portion of this week, "and you will eat, be satisfied, and then bless G-d". This verse implies that… Read More »



20190628_161936.jpgDesperate to enter Israel, entreating and asking in every way possible to be able to walk in Israel even for just a short while, all the while declaring true love for the land and the real inheritors of the land.

Yet the request was not to be granted.

Despite all of the entreaties, and despite the tremendous integrity of the leader requesting access, the request was turned down and ....... Moses would have to suffice with merely seeing the land of Israel, but not actually entering it.

Yes, that is the Torah Portion that we read about this Shabbat in VaEtchanan, where Moses describes, how he beseeches G-d to be allowed to enter the Land of Israel, yet he was turned down.

Why did Moses want to… Read More »

Mass Shootings, Terror in Israel, the 9th of Av, Then, Now & The Future

ELPASO.jpgThe week started off with dreadful news of two mass shootings and America was once again shaken to the core. Dozens of people were killed by two crazed hate filled individuals, in two different incidents. The nation was jolted once again as it faced the horror of more mass killings and the shocking sight of hundreds of loved ones mourning their family members who they had been with just moments before.

The clamor of condemnations from across the spectrum quickly followed as the country continues to fret about how to combat the scourge of these terrible attacks. Obviously a healthy approach will look at how we can preempt and prevent these attacks, by looking at a whole range of issues, including trying to prevent senseless… Read More »


20190730_182551.jpgNot everything that we throw out is truly junk, and sometimes from what appears to be waste, can come great potential.

At the Chabad Center of Sudbury, we try and throw most of our peels, and scraps of vegetables into a small area on the side of the property where it can compost and help new things grow. Imagine my surprise when earlier this week, I discovered a large Squash plant with several little Squashes growing on it, that was growing wild near where we have been placing the peels and scraps of vegetables.

Ironically, I had wanted to grow some this year, but did not get around to it, and now we have some and hopefully we will get to enjoy them, along with other stuff that we actually planted and nurtured.

Of course, this left… Read More »

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