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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Hebrew School now enrolling for Sep 2019 / Join dozens of other happy families

 This past year was an amazing year of growth at Chabad Sudbury Hebrew School with dozens of students from the Sudbury area and beyond, and a year packed with excitement, learning and growth. We had lots of new families, join us this year and we have received wonderful feedback from them, including saying things like "nothing in the world would make us miss their year end celebration, after such an amazing year", or "our only regret is that we didn't start him earlier".

September 2019 is just around the corner, we invite all our current students to reenroll for another great year and if you don't yet have a Hebrew School for your child, please consider signing up your child in this great and amazing… Read More »

Bar Mitzvah at a Golden Age!

Hand.jpgAn elderly man was one of several new faces to join us at our Shabbat program at the Wingate today.

As we began to sing some of the songs, he sang along beautifully with a graceful and melodic voice and seem to appreciate the songs in a different way than usual. I asked him his background and it turns out that he was a singer for his entire life, singing at all kinds of venues, weddings and Bar Mitzvah's.


As we reminisced about his life and where he grew up, he mentioned that he himself had never had a Bar Mitzvah as his parents were too poor to make one. The irony struck me, here was a man who had spent his whole life bringing joy to others through his songs and music, yet never got to celebrate his own personal Bar Mitzvah.

I… Read More »

Hebrew School Year End Celebration

20190602_101436.jpgThis past Sunday, dozens of students and their family members joined together for an exciting year end celebration and award ceremony. The students shared some presentations connected with topics that they had learned this year including art projects, narrating about Jewish heroes and lessons learned and other creative descriptions of the topics they had covered in the various grades.

A special thank you was given to all of the dedicated helpers, volunteers and teachers for all of their hard work and for their part in helping make Hebrew School so much fun.  

20190602_103923.jpgWe gave a big thank you and Mazal Tov to Hebrew School teacher, Chavi Fireman, who has been with us for the last three years and is getting married and moving to New… Read More »

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