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Huge crowd joins "Behind Enemy Lines" event with Marthe Cohn

20190529_192236.jpgThank you to the huge crowd who joined us this past Wednesday evening to hear Marthe Cohn share her incredible inspiring story of survival in the Holocaust and how she became a spy for the Allies against the Nazis.

Marthe who is now 99 years old, captivated us for an hour and a half with her smile and positive attitude as she retold her story of survival and tribulations, of brave French Citizens who risked their lives to save countless Jews, and what motivated her to put her life at risk even after she herself had been saved.

To see the full room of young people, adults and so many others come out to be a part of the evening was truly inspirational.

Marthe described the efforts of her sister and herself to save hundreds of people and… Read More »

The Power of our Words

parenting.jpgYesterday, I was visiting someone and they complimented me on something that I had been working on and on the apparent progress I had made. Little did they know that the last few days had been a little challenging in this specific area and I was feeling a little challenged. Yet knowing that they had no idea, and they had said the compliment in a very genuine way, encouraged me in a very profound way to make more progress and to keep going.

As I walked away, it reminded me of the power of our words, and how the compliments and positive words that we share with each other, can have such a profound and encouraging impact. All too often we don't realize just how much influence our words have, and may not bother utilizing this wonderful… Read More »

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