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Reflections on the Tragedy in Poway

Reflections Tragedy in Poway AP.jpgThis past Saturday, on the last day of Passover as we prepared to recite the Yizkor Memorial Prayer at the Chabad Center of Sudbury, I read and spoke about the meaning of the words of Isaiah which are traditionally read on that day. In that reading, Isaiah talks of our hopes and aspirations for the future of the world where all of mankind will work with together for a common greater good that has been envisioned for this world by G-d, when of course there will be no more fighting and bigotry.

Meanwhile thousands of miles away in California, my colleague Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein was preparing to read the same verses with the same message at the Chabad Center of Poway. But the deadly gunfire that was directed at him and his congregants in his… Read More »

Passover Recap & Update for Final Days

What a joyous and meaningful Passover it has been so far!

Thank you to the dozens of guests who graced at our Seder Tables and thank you to the dozens who have been coming over the course of Passover to our daily services. Chabad of Sudbury was also able to put on several Passover programs at local senior homes like the Wingate & Orchard Hill to bring the joy of Passover to the residents.

On a personal note, having my parents and two of my siblings and their families to celebrate Passover with has made it extra enjoyable and meaningful on many levels.

We will conclude Passover with the final two days of the Holiday beginning this evening and continuing tomorrow and Saturday with services from 10am - 12pm and with the Yizkor Memorial … Read More »

A Passover Prayer in the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-17 at 9.25.50 PM.jpegThis picture is a handwritten prayer that was composed by spiritual leaders in the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp for people to say before the ate Leavened Food on Passover due to the difficult and dangerous living conditions. 

It was written down in multiple copies by Elchanan Emanuel HY"D who after doing back breaking slave labor for twelve hours, toiled and worked hard to make multiple papers with this prayer for people to use on the night of Passover in the Concentration Camp. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the Concentration Camp inmates could not eat Matzah and had to eat leavened food to survive but were very torn at not being able to do Passover in the … Read More »

A Blossoming Peach Tree

Peach Flower.jpgEvery so often I end up in my wife's hometown of Los Angeles where even in midwinter the plants are blooming and the flowers are blossoming. When I see that, especially when I know that it is still winter back east and the branches are bare and the ground is frozen, it is both enjoyable and refreshing.

At the same time, it always make me think, that there is something uniquely invigorating about Spring that is only appreciated in the wake of a Winter. When the first flowers break out the still cold ground and the blossoms appear on the barren trees which appeared to have been dead for the last few months, there is an incredible life that is beginning to burst forth that is inspiring and uplifting.

The truth is, that the Winter is not just… Read More »

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