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Reflections from a weekend at the International Chabad Conference of Shluchim

Saturday 2pm

Canva - Person Washing Hands on the Street.jpgI met Gadi from Foshan, a city in China, and he tells me with a smile that he has just opened a Jewish Day School K-12 in his city. I am blown away as it seems like he has only been there for under two years. I then asked him, "how many students do you have?” to which he respond just eight. He then tells me that in his city there are only thirteen Jewish families and about 100 singles from around the world who do business there.

We chatted for a while and I learned about a city that I never knew existed and hear about challenges of another kind. And here I was thinking that Sudbury is a small community.

Friday 10am

I met my friend from Paraguay who I hadn’t seen in a few years. I heard all about Jewish… Read More »

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